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German 808 advanced hair removal equipment

2021-10-20 14:28:38

        Some people’s lip hair is more serious, so it looks very neutral and affects the beauty of the entire face, so these MM doors are troubled by this. In fact, lip hair is not impossible to fade, let us come together Take a look at how the German 808 advanced hair removal device removes hair.


        Operating principle of German 808 hair removal instrument:


        After the melanin in the hair shaft is used to selectively absorb light energy, the light energy is converted into heat energy. The heat is conducted through the hair shaft to the hair follicle isthmus and the hair follicle bulge (hair papilla, hair growth point), thereby destroying the blood vessels at the hair papilla. It shrinks when heated, thereby achieving the effect of hair removal.

laser hair removal principle

        Hair removal is a very successful the beauty project, that is, the beauty project that can achieve the desired effect with less expenditure. Compared with the traditional IPL hair removal, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal mainly has the advantages of the existing aspects: 1. Higher comfort, because it is single and effective Wavelength, so the pain is lower under the premise of ensuring the effect. 2. The lighter hair color can also be easily removed.


        Treatment range:


        This device is aimed at removing excess hair on various parts of the body,Including: front and back hairline, face, lip hair, neck, arms, hands, body, bikini, legs, feet, etc.

        Advantages of 808 Epilator:


        1、Painless hair removal: the unique adjustable mode of epidermal temperature cooling, cooling the skin epidermis to 5 degrees, effectively protecting the skin no damage, feel  refreshed,  no burning sensation;


        2、Quick hair removal: With a large 12*12mm spot, it eliminates the treatment dead zone formed by the traditional laser round spot, which can perform large-area hair removal with  high efficiency and fast speed;


        3、Safe hair removal: directly hit the melanin in the hair follicles, the epidermis absorbs less energy, so there is no loss of surrounding tissues, nor produce inflammation and melanin  deposition;


        4、Accurate hair removal: The well-designed semiconductor laser can directly enter the dermis, and the melanin particles in the hair and follicles the particles absorb, produce light and  heat effect, completely destroy the hair follicles and hair shaft, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal;


        5、Whitening and skin rejuvenation: gather all the advantages of traditional freezing point hair removal, powerful functions, not only hair removal but also skin rejuvenation and whitening, tighten the skin.


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