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Shanghai Beauty Expo ends perfectly | Future laser Company leads the new trend of photoelectric beauty again

2021-09-22 15:11:46

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As a beauty feast with great influence in China, the Beauty Expo covers the global beauty industry chain. The 26th CBE China Beauty Expo (Shanghai-Pudong) takes innovation as its mission, and helps the beauty industry grow and upgrade as its mission. National brands go abroad and go to the world for the purpose.

The beauty expo officially kicked off on the third day (May 14 ,Pudong).  Although the exhibition was accompanied by sudden showers, it could not stop the enthusiasm of the beauty industry.


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As the needs of customers are getting higher and higher, a single product can no longer meet the needs of customers. Comprehensive care is not only the trend of the times, but also higher requirements for life. A full set of systems solves problems in all aspects, and better Attract more customers to the store. This time, Future laser company heavily promoted the 11.88 whole store output solution, which solved many existing problems in the beauty industry.

Hot scene

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At this beauty expo, Future laser company once again stood at the forefront of beauty optoelectronic technology and achieved excellent market results with a brand-new business operation model. Future laser company has the most popular beauty items at the moment, such as facial anti-aging care, body curve Management system, private care, physiotherapy, etc.

The 11.88 whole store output program launched this time is a highlight, attracting many business partners, because here, they agree with Future laser company’s new business model, and they have also found a real new blue ocean of wealth here!

Eye-catching instrument

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South Korea imports Abbas

Future laser group and Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited jointly produced an Abbas non-invasive water light meter, mainly used to repair sensitive skin ➕ needle-free water light, specially designed for people with sensitive skin, can make the skin more shiny , Is a sticky customer treatment project.


Medical grade near Infrared

South Korea imported near Infrared light can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle pigmentation, and promote cell collagen regeneration. Composed of red, blue and infrared rays equipped with high-intensity SLD (Super Luminescent Diode), it can treatment acne and keratosis; promote skin regeneration and speed up wound healing, care for hair; relieve inflammation, relieve pain, etc.

Orders continuous one by one

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Although it has been busy for two days, there is no trace of fatigue in every Future laser family member. They are still passionate and always keep the best condition to welcome each one customer.

We are proud of the results of a series of on-site consultations and signing data. This beauty expo has once again verified the leading position of Future laser company in the beauty of optoelectronic technology.

The needs of beauty seekers are changing, and medical beauty technology also keep pace with the times. On the road of future development, Future laser company will continue to provide more and better medical beauty equipment for beauty seekers and be grateful to meet. , don’t disappoint goodbye, the next beauty expo, we will meet again~

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