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Instrument name: CO2 lattice laser

2021-10-20 13:40:55

Introduction: in the 1990s, the skin was vaporized by CO2 or er:yag laser, and then new skin was produced. Its effect is known as the “gold standard” of skin regeneration, and also called “traditional laser skin replacement”. At the end of last century, non vaporization (also known as non stripping) skin regeneration was developed. Nd:yag laser or strong pulse light were used to promote skin regeneration. These methods are safe, but the cosmetic effect is far less than that of traditional laser skin regeneration. In order to keep the advantages of the stripping regeneration effect obviously from the safety of stripping regeneration in 2004, the concept of lattice laser regeneration was proposed.


Lattice laser principle: lattice laser is a new type of CO2 laser local therapy, and the most advanced microlens technology is used. This technology can make the laser system produce a large number of micro ultra pulse beams. After these ultra pulse beams are applied to skin tissue, they can form tiny holes with diameter of 0.12 mm to 1.2mm and depth of 2mm, Thus, the skin can form a large number of micro micro invasive areas and heat accumulation areas or micro heating areas, which can form the regional gasification of epidermal pigment tissue, make CO2 laser energy penetrate into the skin and stimulate the generation of new collagen. Energy is applied in segmented form, that is, micro thermal damage is separated, so that normal tissues between thermal damage are not affected, This part of skin can be used as the heat diffusion area to avoid the possible side effects such as thermal damage, and can promote the healing process of skin, and make the patients recover daily in a shorter time. In addition, the accumulation of heat in dermis can make the collagen of skin produce immediate contraction effect, and can stimulate the proliferation of collagen for a long time, thus achieving the effect of wrinkle removing, scar removing, skin rejuvenation and solving skin problems such as pigment abnormality.


Principle of dot matrix laser privacy: the private laser adopts the CO2 lattice laser, and fully acts on the submucosa by using the advantages of strong thermal effect and deep action depth of lattice laser. The heat energy of laser can make the blood vessels in the mucosa relax and the blood flow increase, thus improving the dry condition of vagina, making the cell function active, and improving the sensitivity and lubrication. Lattice laser forms a regular deep controllable gasifier hole in the submucosa, which can stimulate the deep collagen, make collagen new and rearrange, and achieve the effect of filling and firming.


Application: various wrinkles, skin reconstruction, facial promotion, skin elasticity recovery, privacy and firmness, removing the burden of life, removing pregnancy lines, acne spots.


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