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How to choose a semiconductor laser hair removal device?

2021-10-22 15:31:59

          Hair removal, I believe that every lady who loves beauty has tried a variety of methods. Confused by the excess hair, the hair removal will increase again and again. How can one permanent and effective hair removal be possible? You can choose laser hair removal, but how to choose a Diode  laser hair removal device What? Let’s take a look at the German 808 Diode laser hair removal device.


          Diode laser hair removal is currently the most advanced permanent laser hair removal method. Based on the principle of selective photothermal action, the ideal 808nm wavelength Diode exciter is used as the laser source, and the unique double pulse technology is used to penetrate the epidermis. The laser pulse heats the skin tissue and hair follicles. The second pulse selectively raises the temperature of the hair follicle to about 45 degrees, gently inactivating the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal. It can cool and painlessly remove excess hair on a large area and effectively protect the surrounding skin.


          808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Apparatus can be truly painless: without instantaneous high-energy burning hair, only warm feeling, no pain, with the whole process of white gem cooling, hair removal is as comfortable as warm stone massage    Really fast: repeat the frequency suitable for hair removal , The hair removal speed is increased by 5 times   Really safe: the whole cooling system has basically no side effects, so you can rest assured.


          The effect of 808 laser hair removal: After 3~5 treatments, more than 95% of people have 80% hair loss, hair becomes less, thinner, lighter in color, and grows slower. If only 1-2 treatments are over, there will be less hair fall. The average energy density used is 10~20J/cm2, which can effectively remove hair and avoid possible medical risks such as burns. How to choose a Diode laser hair removal device I believe everyone should have results.


          The 808 laser hair removal device provided by ZheOne is the first choice for hair removal in the beauty industry. Its products and services are spread all over the world, with more than 100,000 units sold. The company insists on providing customers with safe, effective, economical and durable high-quality products and high satisfaction. Service, how to choose a semiconductor laser hair removal device, of course, choose ZheOne.


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