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DPL effectively removes red blood filament

2021-10-26 13:44:44

        Every girl is a love beautiful nature, smooth skin, bright face is girl’s ultimate dream, but there are so some people clearly is very beautiful, but face a red lower the level of appearance, it is facial red blood silk, because some people are sensitive skin, so how to remove red blood silk, small make up today to introduce a DPL instrument.


       In fact, the red blood silk is the expansion of capillaries, which can be caused by many factors such as climate, temperature, wind sand, ultraviolet light and strong light. If the external environment causes the red blood silk in the face, it can be removed. However, if the expansion is caused by the body, there will still be new red blood silk expansion after a period of time.


       DPL also uses photothermal reaction to remove red blood filaments. The light of photon removing red blood filaments contains the wavelength that is strongly absorbed by hemoglobin. When hemoglobin strongly absorbs light energy, it will be converted into heat energy to heat the whole blood vessels, making them coagulation and death, and finally being absorbed by the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating blood filaments.

       DPL is also contraindicated:


       1、 Light quantum therapy is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy, because it is harmful to the health of the fetus.Serious may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure patients must be careful, may have a bad effect.


       2、Epilepsy patients, diabetes patients, patients with bleeding tendency.


       3、The person that photosensitive sex skin and used photosensitive sex medicaments is to cannot use more, also should prohibit to do photon hairdressing.


       4、Patients with infected skin at the site of treatment.


       DPL removes red blood silk, will not damage the normal skin, so it will not leave scar.Treatment has the function of cold compress, also do not feel very painful.The recurrence rate is small if not self-induced.Go to beauty salon to use DPL photon tender skin instrument treatment is without what side effect.


       If not timely treatment of red blood silk not only affect the appearance, for a long time may lead to the psychological inferiority, as soon as possible to use DPL let you become flawless beauty.


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