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Application of picoseconds

2022-02-07 15:25:08

        Before the advent of picosecond lasers, the “hands-on” for depigmentation in the field of laser beauty was the Q-switched laser. The duration of each laser shot was nanoseconds (1 nanosecond = 1000 picoseconds). Nanoseconds, which may sound small, are still a bit too long for the goals of precise freckle removal and tissue protection. Excessive laser action time will cause some heat energy to be dissipated to other surrounding tissues during the heating process of the pigment particles. While burning the pigment, it is also easy to burn the normal tissues next to it.


        Later, in order to further shorten the duration of each laser, the picosecond laser was born. Because the energy bursts out in a very short time (picoseconds), the peak power of each pulse in picoseconds has a peak power of 0.9 megawatts, while the power of the high-speed rail at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour is 8.8 megawatts. In other words, the peak power of ten picosecond machines is enough to drive a train, and its instantaneous energy is not too big.

        Under what circumstances is a picosecond laser suitable?

        Skin pigmentation problems (darkening): blue and black tattoos (picosecond), red tattoos (ultra-picosecond), freckles, sunburn, chloasma, Ota nevus, brown-cyan nevus, coffee spots, dull complexion, etc.

        Skin texture problems (skin rejuvenation): fine lines on the face, enlarged pores.


        Under what circumstances is a picosecond laser not suitable?

        Recent use of photosensitizing drugs (such as retinoids, minocycline, etc.)

        Suffering from photosensitivity diseases (such as systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.)

        There is an infection in the skin, such as the inflammatory outbreak stage of acne breakouts, wound infection and purulence, etc.

        Those with a recent history of sun exposure, sunburn and tanning.

        Those with hypertrophic scars or keloids.

        pregnancy period.


        What are the precautions for picoseconds?

        1. After picosecond, if there are scabs on the face (black spots on the face in the picture), do not touch the scab with water within 48 hours, you can apply growth factor gel, and apply a medical mask twice a day in the morning and evening. promote repair;

        2. Remember not to peel off the scab with your hands, otherwise there will be obvious discoloration;

        3. After the scab falls off naturally, there will be temporary pigmentation, which can be metabolized in about 2-4 weeks;

        4. After picoseconds, be sure to pay attention to the sunscreen and moisturizing of the skin, try not to go out in the sun, otherwise it will be easy to return to black.


       Further reading:Fractional laser


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