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The Fourth Generation Dermashine

2022-01-30 16:32:37

          After the age of 25, the skin begins to decline, and the loss of moisture and collagen continues to increase. Especially in winter, due to climate and environmental factors, many women are worried about the skin condition and skin problems before the festival. Dark yellow complexion, dry skin, dehydration, scaling, enlarged pores, all kinds of problems are the killer of beautiful skin.


          The New Year’s skin beauty strategy will allow you to instantly replenish water and activate cells to lock in water power!


          The fourth-generation water-light treatment of Panahid Martha reaches the deep layers of the skin; the treatment functions are diversified due to different injections; the use of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, collagen, and direct injection into the skin can make the facial skin moist, soft, and smooth. Glossy and translucent.


          DeMarsha’s fourth-generation negative pressure technology can accurately supplement skin nutrients at a depth of 1.28mm in the dermis. Before the micro-needles enter the skin, the skin is lifted by negative pressure, and then the multi-needles accurately enter the deep dermis. It can accurately supplement skin nutrients under the skin, so that the skin can achieve multiple effects such as moisturizing, whitening, improving wrinkles and damaged skin.


          Four or six points of skin maintenance:


          After the water and light treatment, the skin will go through the inflammatory phase, the proliferative phase and the remodeling phase, so postoperative repair is very important, 6 points are for treatment, 4 points for post-maintenance.


          Within 24 hours after the operation, if the skin is in the inflammatory period and there is redness, a cosmetic-grade mask cannot be used, because the degree of sterility cannot be guaranteed, but a sterile medical mask or a special medical mask with repair function should be used. Reduce the symptoms of redness and swelling, and go through the recovery period smoothly.


          Water light therapy course:


          1 time/month, 3~5 times/course


          The 1st time: Hydrate the skin, inject moisture and nutrients into the skin that has been dehydrated for a long time, and make the skin dry and rainy for a long time.


          2nd time: From the basal layer, the complexion is comprehensively improved, brightened, pores are reduced, and the skin is easier to apply makeup.


          The 3rd time: Strengthen the antioxidant power, superimpose the effect, achieve continuous nutrition, deeply rejuvenate the skin, and adjust the skin texture.


          The 4th time: normalized maintenance, continuous skin care on the basis of the skin after the water and light treatment, it can get twice the result with half the effort.




          1.Customers whose skin is allergic/has wound or severe pustular acne.


          2.Menstrual period, lactation period, pregnancy period do not do, patients with severe hypertension, heart disease, bypass, diabetes, skin disease, infectious diseases.


          3.If you have done laser, acupuncture, water and light projects, you should operate it at intervals of one month. After you have done injections, filling and micro-shaping projects, you will operate it after one month. Operation is possible.


          Postoperative Note:


          ① Pay attention to sun protection;


          ②Spicy, seafood, beef and mutton and other hair products are prohibited, and tobacco and alcohol are prohibited for a week;


          ③ It is forbidden to sweat under the skin such as sauna, steaming, hot yoga, strenuous exercise, etc. for a week;


          ④Be careful not to make too many facial expressions, and prohibit facial massage within a week.

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