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Fractional laser

2022-01-18 11:02:40

          Fractional laser It emits a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm to form three areas of thermal peeling, thermal coagulation and thermal effect in the skin layer. Then start the wound repair mechanism of the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of rebuilding the dermis frame structure and smooth the acne pits. Simple to understand: it can stimulate collagen regeneration, fill in the pits and restore smooth skin. That is, the principle of CO2 fractional laser is destructive construction. “Dot matrix” is actually a laser emission pattern, which quite controls the shape of the laser. The originally focused laser beam is dispersed into hundreds of smaller beams, so that there is normal tissue between each laser beam that can be used as a thermal diffusion area to disperse thermal damage. In this way, areas of thermal damage are separated to reduce trauma. The thermal diffusion area, not only is not affected, but also accelerates skin healing.


          Because fractional laser is an ablation laser treatment. So the first step in the treatment process, the old rule is to apply anesthesia first. The treatment head of the carbon dioxide fractional laser is a round transmitter, and the laser will come from it in bunches. The doctor can adjust the size of the dot matrix, the energy of the laser, etc. according to the individual conditions of the zhilaiozhe according to the buttons on the machine screen.


          During the treatment, it can be seen that there are white dot matrix squares on the patient’s face, which is because the keratin of the epidermis is vaporized. The emitted laser instantly vaporizes the tissue in the acne pit, acts directly on the dermis layer, and then initiates tissue repair!


          The first day after the operation: The patient’s face became extremely red and swollen, and it felt like a mask was on his face, and there was already a layer of scabs when you touched it. The chin is very swollen and swollen at night. After the treatment, there will be some small white pimples, but it doesn’t matter, it will go down in 3 to 4 days.


          2~3 days after the operation: The patient’s face is not so red and swollen, and it does not feel so swollen and painful.


          Day 5 after operation: The scab on the patient’s face has basically fallen off, and the face is only slightly red.


          In terms of course of treatment, the treatment course of fractional laser is generally 3 to 5 times. The small course of treatment is 3 times, and the large course of treatment is 5 times. The specific times are arranged according to the actual situation of the individual. The shortest treatment period of fractional laser is once a month, but she personally recommends a treatment once every 1.5 to 2 months.


          The postoperative care of fractional laser is similar to that of other skin projects, mainly focusing on repair, hydration, and sun protection.


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