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2022-02-07 15:29:33

          Why should it be injected into the superficial dermis 1.2mm?

          The thickness of the epidermis is 0.1-0.4mm, and the thickness of the dermis is 0.5-4mm. If it is too deep, the meat group will not see the effect. If it is too shallow, the metabolism will last for a short time. Getting older, the skin is getting older, the ability to lock water is getting worse, nutrients are lost faster, and regeneration is slow, so we need to directly inject the nutrients we need in the superficial dermis to maintain a better skin condition. The light injection product is a single component of broken uric acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, which is a water-locking factor for the skin. Hyaluronic acid is divided into three types of macro molecules, medium and small molecules. It plays a role in shaping and can exist in the skin for a long time. The small molecules do not contain cross-linking agents and can be absorbed by the skin. We use it for water and light. In order to meet higher needs, kinesin appears. To achieve all the desired effects, such as whitening, anti-epidemic, and pores, etc., hyaluronic acid and kinetic energy are the most common water-light needles that can be used as long-term high-end maintenance items.

          Operation process:

          1.A very important face-to-face consultation, asking whether it is a contraindicated group, and analyzing which product is suitable for the skin condition

          2.Whether the customer is allergic to anesthetics

          3.Test medicine, method Apply anesthetic 2-3 cm behind the ear for 15-20 minutes, observe  Allergic or not, the main ingredient of topical anesthetic is lidocaine, which has the effect of paralyzing nerves and acts on the capillaries of the nerve endings. After the nerves are numbed, the pain will no longer be transmitted, and the blood circulation of the capillaries will slow down, so it is normal.After the application of the anesthetic, the skin will become white, allergic symptoms, redness, stinging, rash, burning sensation, itching

          How to avoid anesthesia allergy?

          Apply cream or erythromycin ointment to the skin before applying anesthesia to make an artificial sebum film to enhance the skin’s tolerance and reduce the irritation of the anesthetic to the epidermis.  The chin and mouth are more prone to allergies 5. Apply numbness for 30-40 minutes, mainly because the color of the skin cannot be seen, the eyelids, and the nerves in the middle of the nose are not enough, apply plastic wrap to prevent volatilization


          Further reading:Fractional laser


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