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V-nice RF gold micro needle imported from South Korea

2022-03-08 10:58:19

          People who have been to the beauty salon to do nursing know how good the effect of the instruments is. Many instruments look like they turn around the face or heat the skin, but the effect after finishing is much better than the small household instruments or cosmetics purchased by themselves, so many people are willing to go to the beauty salon. V-nice radiofrequency gold micro needle  imported from South Korea is used to treat various skin problems.

          What is the working principle of V-nice RF gold microneedle


          RF energy can be precisely applied to different depth skin tissue by micro needle, which can stimulate and induce collagen and elastic fiber recombination and regeneration, improve skin texture from the source, form subcutaneous young replacement energy source, and directly, effectively and permanently rejuvenate skin. The needle body is made of gold insulated microneedles. During treatment, the gold part is insulated, which can effectively control the skin lesions, and the needle tip can release energy to effectively stimulate skin tissue, promote recovery and shrink fiber tissue, so as to realize the skin’s young state.


          The radiofrequency wave of V-nice gold radiofrequency microneedle penetrates the barrier of melanocytes at the base of epidermis, heating collagen fibers of dermis to 55-65 degrees. Collagen fibers encounter thermal contraction, resulting in loose skin wrinkles being tightened, so as to achieve the treatment of orange peel like skin. It is recommended that the next treatment be performed at an interval of 28 to 35 days, because the skin growth cycle is this time.


          The efficacy of V-nice RF gold micro needle can tighten and lift skin, shrink pores, brighten skin color, improve wrinkles, acne scars, and annoying Renchen lines.


          The feature of V-nice RF gold micro needle is that it can act on the whole body. The RF micro needle can directly enter the deep dermis of skin, which can shorten the pain time of customers, without any side effects or bleeding, and can quickly return to normal work and life.


          Beauty loving women’s favorite way to delay aging is to go to a beauty salon for treatment, because the current instruments are very intelligent. V-nice RF gold micro needle imported from South Korea allows you to have perfect skin.


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