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Principles and advantages of ultrasonic guns

2022-03-08 10:10:47

        Ultrasonic gun is an ultrasonic therapy device that adopts high-energy ultrasonic “focusing” mode. The treatment area can generate enough heat to precisely act on different levels of the skin to achieve the effects of firming, lifting, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. It is also launched in China. The only “Domestic Ultrasound Knife” Peninsula Medical – Peninsula Ultrasonic Cannon that has been certified by NMPA!

        Ultrasonic scalpel has been used in skin anti-aging for more than 10 years worldwide, but there is no domestic ultrasonic scalpel approval. Everyone knows that our domestic medical device license is the most strict. There is no certification; and the domestic market is full of fake products, and it is difficult for professional doctors to distinguish between true and false.


        The Peninsula Ultrasonic Cannon, a brand-new product launched by our domestic brand, Peninsula Medical, also fills the gap in this regard; and the Ultrasonic Cannon can obtain the NMPA certification that “Ultrasonic Knife” cannot obtain, which is enough to prove its strength!


        What are the characteristics of the ultrasonic gun? What are the advantages compared to other instruments?


Deep treatment


The energy directly reaches the SMAS fascia layer of the skin. At present, there is only one device that can deeply act on the SMAS fascia layer and produce effects.The highest energy depth of the ultrasonic cannon acts on the SMAS fascia layer.


Wide coverage


The treatment depth of the ultrasonic gun is covered from 2.0 to 4.5, and the treatment depth covers the epidermis, dermis, fat layer, superficial fascia and SMAS fascia layer.Ultrasound can achieve full-thickness skin treatment.


Accurate energy


It can realize sliding treatment, and on the basis of the original “chopper-type” treatment hand, a round hand is introduced, which can realize sliding treatment. Compared with the previous fixed-point treatment, it can truly achieve anti-aging without leaving dead ends.Ultrasonic gun treatment head.


Comfortable experience


Painless and anesthetized, the new generation of equipment adopts the new ultra-pulse technology, which can effectively reduce the energy density and control the thermal diffusion area of ​​ultrasonic energy in the tissue, resulting in less thermal damage to the tissue around the focal point; the treatment is safer Comfortable, faster recovery after surgery, comfortable experience, true lunch-style beauty, does not affect work and life.Ultrasonic gun advantages, painless and numb experience.


        The previous ultrasonic scalpel only had a “chopper-type” treatment head, and the treatment area and fixed point were very limited in the operation and treatment range. The new treatment head of the ultrasonic gun has multiple wavelengths to choose from, and it has 3 more circles than the traditional ultrasonic scalpel. Shape treatment head and various treatment depths, it can also achieve “sliding treatment”.

        Ultrasonic gun treatment head 5 in total:Ultrasonic gun treatment head


        The advantage of sliding therapy is that energy can be treated in a gradually superimposed mode, which is different from the previous fixed-point mode. The method of superimposing energy by sliding therapy has a better experience. The temperature gradually increases. The skin will gradually adapt instead of being in place at one time, and The treatment depth is from 2.0 to 4.5, covering the subcutaneous tissue, superficial fascia, and SMSA fascia layer to achieve full-thickness anti-aging.


        The treatment depth covers a wide range of skin problems that can be solved relatively. In the past, the indications of the ultrasonic scalpel were mainly for severe sagging and sagging of the fascia layer of SMAS. Now, daily care and maintenance can be performed for the superficial fascia and dermis layer to promote collagen regeneration and at the same time. Has a fat-dissolving and firming effect.


        Postoperative contraindications and adverse reactions of ultrasonic gun:


        Ultrasonic gun is a non-invasive project. Improper operation can easily lead to the immediate formation of local cords. If it occurs, it can be iced for about 20 minutes immediately after surgery. For acute sensitive period, acute acne period, and minimally invasive photoelectric treatment within 15 days, the ultrasonic gun project should not be operated, and the circular sliding treatment head can be used for low-energy operation for scar constitution. So choosing a regular hospital and doctor is very important!


        In general, the ultrasonic cannon has greatly improved in terms of energy control, treatment comfort and safety. It is very good for the treatment of facial contour problems such as jaw line, fascia laxity, double chin, and puppet lines. It can also be improved by circular superficial treatment in the treatment of fine lines; it can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, and at the same time, the painless and numb-free operation method will also bring you a new experience!


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