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2022-03-09 09:39:01

        Principles of treatment


        Smooth and repairing light acts on the skin, after being absorbed by the skin, the tissue changes, the arrangement is dense, the collagen synthesis is promoted, the skin circulatory system is accelerated, and the skin’s immunity and resistance are enhanced.

        Biostimulation: The photochemical effect of intense pulsed light on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis to restore the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal effect produced by it can enhance the function of blood vessels and improve the circulation, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and shrinking pores.


        Principle of photothermolysis: Since the pigment content in the diseased tissue is much more than that in the normal skin tissue, the temperature rise after absorbing light is also higher than that of the skin. Using their temperature difference, the diseased blood vessels are closed, and the pigments are ruptured and decomposed without damaging normal tissues.


        Indications for photorejuvenation device


        Painless hair removal, anti-aging repair engineering, professional acne removal, lightening pigmentation, improving telangiectasia


        The safety of photorejuvenation


        IPL is an advanced high-tech beauty program that uses a specific broad spectrum of colored light to directly irradiate the skin surface, which can penetrate to the skin.


        Deep skin, selectively acts on subcutaneous pigment or blood vessels, decomposes pigmentation, closes abnormal red blood, and relieves various blemishes on your skin. At the same time, photons can also stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen, making your skin refreshed and young. , healthy and shiny.


        Moreover, photorejuvenation technology is a non-ablative physical therapy with high directionality, high density and coherence. Photorejuvenation can be concentrated to a very small treatment area, so its effect site is accurate and will not affect the skin. The surrounding tissue and skin appendages will cause damage; at the same time, the non-invasive treatment method of photorejuvenation adapts to different skin conditions, is safe and effective, and will not cause damage to the skin. Therefore, photorejuvenation is a relatively safe treatment method.

        Skin Rejuvenation Advantage


        Skin rejuvenation has undergone dramatic changes over the past decade. Taking pigmented spots as an example, the method of grinding and chemical peeling was used at first. The whole process of this method is highly variable and difficult to control. After treatment, the skin will be red, swollen and peeled, and will become white and tender in a short period of time. , and then rebound quickly, the pigment may be heavier. Then there is Chinese herbal freckle, which can be taken orally and applied externally. It is characterized by no obvious complications, but the effect is quite slow, and it takes a long time to see the effect of the previous methods.


        Then there is laser deep freckle and wrinkle removal, which has specific effects in the treatment of certain aspects of skin photoaging. Since the laser is a single-beam interventional enhancement with strong directionality and pertinence, the biological effect on the skin tissue varies according to the power, so it can only treat a certain symptom of the skin at a time. For example, the customer’s face has both There are spots and wrinkles. Using laser to remove freckles and wrinkles, the second treatment must be performed after one symptom is cured, which takes too much time and damages the skin tissue. Half an hour to an hour before laser surgery, anesthesia patches must be applied, and it usually takes a period of time to stop working after each treatment. Therefore, although the laser has a good effect, it is accompanied by unbearable pain, potential side effects and causes. The economic loss caused by the shutdown is also not the ideal way in the minds of modern people.


        Photon rejuvenation makes up for the lack of lasers. Using full-spectrum light, the skin can selectively absorb the seven-color spectrum without causing damage to normal skin tissue. It can treat the entire facial blemishes at one time, and it can return to normal immediately after each treatment. Life and work are the ideal scientific beauty methods at present.


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