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DPL photon rejuvenation instrument freckle effect

2022-03-04 10:35:03

        DPL photon rejuvenation can not only remove freckles but also has whitening effects. Photon is a kind of laser. As long as the correct maintenance is performed after the photorejuvenation surgery, then dont need to worry about other problems. At the same time, the photorejuvenation freckle can not only remove freckle but also achieve the whitening effect, and not feel pain during the treatment. The process is relatively easy, and this kind of pain can be tolerated by ordinary people. Here we have to mention that the effect of photon rejuvenation is good, so it has been welcomed by many people. In fact, the biggest advantage of photon rejuvenation is to remove freckle. Melasma is a yellowish-brown or dark brown spot that occurs on the face. It affects the beauty of people’s faces and seems to increase the problem of age. Photon skin rejuvenation can effectively remove chloasma and a series of mild spots Symptoms, and will not cause any major damage to the skin.


        At present, the fastest way to improve the skin is laser or photorejuvenation, both of which have very ideal effects for removing spots. In particular, photorejuvenation is milder and will not damage the skin. For ordinary patients, only It takes several treatments to achieve the desired effect. So it is the first choice for many beauty lovers. Photon skin rejuvenation and freckle removal is a high-intensity beam generated by a laser instrument. Different types of lasers can produce different colors of light. The naked eye color laser is the key to treatment. Different colors are absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the photon energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the pigment particles, thereby sealing the blood vessels, and then excreting them from the body by the human microcirculation.

Precautions after freckle removal


1.The medical ice pack must be iced for 20-30 minutes on areas with strong irritation.


2. Replenish a lot of water after the operation, apply a medical cold compress immediately after ice application, (continuous use for 7 days) use anti-inflammatory after facial mask, 3 days before use No. 5 Anti-inflammatory Essence (3-5 times a day), and use No. 6 Repair Essence (3-5 times a day) for the next 3 days to get scabs.Then use Tranexamic Acid Essence to restore beauty after 7 days of use.


3. Sun protection, do not use functional cosmetics, physical sun protection (masks, anti-UV glasses, hats); do not use hands pick up, let the scab fall off naturally, do not touch the water in the treatment area when there is no scab, normal saline can be used after the scab is formed.Wipe to keep the wound clean. Do not use sauna, sweat, or swimming until the scab is off.


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