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The Advantage of 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Instrument

2022-03-04 10:31:43

          Excessive body hair is too long, and instantly pull down the color value! Beeswax, scrapers and other hair removal methods have been tried, but long hairs more. So, in which case how to do it? Today, we are speaking about 808 diode laser hair removal advantages, can solve these problems.

          808 diode laser hair removal advantages


          1.Remove excess hair on various parts of the body, such as: face, arms, back, chest, underarms, bikini line hair removal, legs, etc;


          2.Effectively remove hairs of different colors and textures, such as black, russet black and brown, etc;


          3.Painless and non-invasive, follow-up, no recovery period, no influence on normal life and work;


          4.non-invasive treatment method, high safety;


          5.truly painless freezing point hair removal;


          6.Persistent hair removal, used on a variety of skins;


          7.Stable output, short-time irradiation, good effect of permanent hair removal, high safety.


          808 diode laser hair removal – four technical

          1.Micro-channel multi-wavelength technology: German imported micro-channel technology guarantees tens of thousands of times of light, low consumables, and low cost; 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm multi-wavelength technology can directly hit the target tissue and can remove small light-colored hairs, which is currently the best on the market Professional hair removal equipment.


          2.Contact cooling: The rare sapphire treatment bald head, the window is close to the skin to cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees, which effectively protects normal skin from heat damage. The entire hair removal process is cool and painless, greatly improving the comfort of the patient.


          3.sliding technology: fast sliding technology, the use of sliding mode to cover a large area of treatment area, fast hair removal.


          4.1-10Hz adjustable light frequency: the light energy can be adjusted, the light frequency is fast, the laser emission is stable, and the light frequency can be set according to the hair growth of different guests.


          808 diode laser hair removal process


          1.According to the hair growth cycle and different treatment sites, 28 days is recommended as a course of treatment, and 4-5 courses are enough.


          2.The recipient will feedback the treatment effect after one month of treatment, and proceed with the next treatment according to the condition of hair removal to achieve the desired effect.


          808 diode laser hair removal instrument repair


          1.After the operation, apply Kelifu hair removal care solution in time to inhibit hair growth and timely replenish the lack of moisture in the skin after hair removal.


          2.Do not take a hot bath within 24 hours, and do not use sauna, sweating, swimming, etc. within 3 days.


          3.Pay attention to sun protection, do not use functional cosmetics, physical sun protection (masks, anti-ultraviolet glasses).


          4.Forbid spicy food, seafood, beef and mutton and other stimulating foods or foods for 7 days.


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