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808 ice point depilator imported from Germany

2022-03-03 10:20:13

          Smooth and clean skin is what everyone wants to have. Say goodbye to big hairy legs and start with 808 ice point depilator imported from Germany.


          808 diode laser hair removal instrument adopts 808 stable wavelength semiconductor laser technology,it is all the advantages of 808nm semiconductor laser,creatively upgrade and improve the integration of laser technology,so as to improve the depilation efficiency at the same time,laser output energy is more uniform,refrigeration comfort is further improved,the failure rate of laser instrument is greatly reduced and its life is improved,the handle is more portable and the depilation efficiency is improved.

          The treatment scope of 808 ice point depilatory instrument imported from Germany is: removing excess hair from all parts of the body


          Including: hairline, face, lip hair, neck, arm, hand, body, bikini, legs, feet, etc


          Advantages of 808 laser freezing point unhairing instrument imported from Germany


          No trauma, no side effects


          The 808nm laser used in the hair removal gold standard can reach the deep hair follicle tissue of the skin, and be selectively absorbed by the hair follicle melanin, which has no side effects and no trauma to the surrounding tissues.


          Safe and comfortable without discomfort


          Depilation gold standard sapphire refrigeration system ensures the skin protection during the treatment, making the treatment process more comfortable.


          Permanent depilation, no worries


          The gold standard of depilation can destroy hair follicles and isolate the possibility of hair re growth. After the treatment, it can achieve permanent hair removal effect and get rid of the problem of repeated hair removal


          Depilation for rejuvenation


          The photothermal effect produced by the depilation gold standard depilation instrument can stimulate the skin collagen regeneration, improve the skin condition, and achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin and shrinking the pores.


          The light is gentle and protects the eyes


          The standard output laser of depilation gold is invisible light, the brightness is not high, it does not hurt the eyes, at the same time, it has good penetrability and does not harm the skin.


          Germany imported 808 ice point depilator in the major beauty salon sales are very good, if you have equipment needs, please contact me.


Further reading:Germany 808 Diode Laser


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