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The working principle of the 448K instrument

2022-01-09 10:29:47

        The lower a person’s body temperature, the greater the impact on the person. When the body is cold, the blood circulation will be slow and easy to block. The blood is a carrier that takes away the body’s garbage. If there is a problem with the blood, then The body will soon have problems. So how do we raise our own basal body temperature? This instrument brought to you today is the 448 fever master. Heat diathermy can speed up metabolism. So how does 448 Master Fever work? Let’s take a look.


        In fact, as early as 2015, “Healthy China” was included in the government work report. Since then, “healthy China” has officially risen to a national strategy, opening up “health.” The new blue ocean of the times. In accordance with the requirements of “a year of momentum, results at the beginning of three years, breakthroughs in five years, and advantages in ten years”, the state plans to complete the construction of 3,000 health care institutions nationwide by 2025, and the health industry output value will reach 330 billion. Mainly “health education and management, biomedicine, medical equipment and equipment, healthy food” as the main body.


        IN&448K, as one of the more outstanding members of the Kangmei instruments developed by NEWTECH, pioneered the 45° constant temperature fever therapy, integrating medical, health care, and other functions. It is one of the very few thermal health management systems in the world that uses the fusion of bio-electricity and bio-heat. product.


        Principle—High-frequency energy, IN&448K can penetrate 12 cm under the skin directly to the three major fascial layers of shallow, medium and deep, two-way internal circulation, unblocked channels, clear dead cells toxins, garbage and metabolites, repair damaged diseased cells, dormant cells and promote, improve pain Symptoms, the efflux of metabolic toxins is carried out simultaneously. The high-frequency current can pass through the cell membrane and directly act on the tissue cells, increasing the exchange of substances inside and outside the cell membrane, and promoting the cell’s ability to stimulate the body’s repair and regeneration. According to scientific research conclusions, a high-frequency current in the range of 300Khz-1Mhz was selected because the high-frequency energy in this range represents a combination of energy conductivity, depth, and thermal effect experience.


        Principle—Energy channel. The energy channel of IN&448K refers to the formation of a pathway in human tissue through an active electrode (energy inlet) and a loop electrode (energy outlet), so that energy can repair the human tissue in the pathway.

        The above is a brief analysis of the content of the principle of the 448 fever master, if you want to know more, welcome your consultation.


Further reading:448KHz the anti-aging principle of RF technology


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