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Picosecond laser removal freckle and pigment

2022-01-09 14:10:35

          The picosecond laser machine crushes the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder, which is then metabolized. Pay attention to protection in the later period, because melanin is active. For example, ultraviolet radiation, staying up late, long-term skin dehydration, and endocrine disorders will stimulate black cells to secrete melanin particles in large quantities. So in the later stage, you should pay attention to strengthening sun protection, do a good job of hydrating, and pay attention to rest, and it will be well controlled.

          Picosecond is currently an advanced laser freckle removal instrument, which uses the ultra-fast speed of the picosecond laser to crush melanin particles into powder, which is then metabolized by the lymph to achieve the effect of freckle removal. This picosecond laser is more targeted for melanin color, softer to the skin, and can instantly crush melanin. The operation has ended, so there will be no side effects. The picosecond laser has very strong blasting ability to crush melanin.

          No one likes uneven skin tone spots on their faces, so whitening and freckle removal have always been just needed by women. From skin care products to medical beauty, and even the one-key whitening of the beauty camera, they all meet this rigid need.

          If you just want to whiten, you can also achieve a certain effect by inhibiting the melanocytes in the basal layer of melanocytes from secreting melanin particles and accelerating the metabolism of the formed melanin particles to achieve a certain effect. However, skin care products cannot be counted on for freckle removal. Because spots are large clusters of melanin particles gathered in the epidermis and even the dermis, the effect of skin care products is minimal. Therefore, when it comes to freckle removal, I often say that if the requirements are not high, then the daily skin care is diligent to clear it, giving the skin time to metabolize by itself, and with some whitening products, the spots can be slowly faded. But if the requirements are relatively high and you are more anxious about the effect, then you have to go to medical beauty equipment, that is, use laser to remove freckles.

          1.The principle of laser freckle removal

          The principle of laser freckle removal is that the skin melanin particles absorb specific light waves. Therefore, the use of a specific wavelength of laser light can act on the melanin particles to produce a photomechanical effect: that is, when laser treatment is used, high-energy light energy A high-impact shock wave is used to break the aggregated melanin into powder. The large masses of melanin are crushed and scattered in the skin. The naked eye looks like the spots are gone. At the same time, the crushed melanin is more likely to be metabolized by the stratum corneum and blood circulation and lymphatic circulation because of its smaller size.

          The instrument used for laser freckle removal, from the Q-switched ruby ​​laser in the early years to the picosecond laser that is popular on the market, is based on this principle. It’s just that with the advancement of science and technology, the energy use, spot size, and pulse width of laser equipment are becoming more and more advanced, which also brings better and better treatment effects of spots and less and less incidental skin damage.

          2.What is a picosecond laser? For example, the picosecond laser we introduced today means that the time required for the instrument to emit the laser to reach the treatment energy is in the picosecond level.

          “Picosecond” is the same as “second”, it is a unit of time, but it is much shorter than a second. The approximate conversion formula is this: the speed of light per second is about 3*100000000 meters, and 1 picosecond time The distance of the light movement is 0.3 mm. Is it super, super, super fast? When the laser stays on the skin, the time unit is picoseconds, which will greatly improve the comfort of laser treatment and greatly reduce the skin damage. Let’s put it this way, the previous nanosecond laser treatment is very painful. Generally, skin anesthesia is applied to relieve the pain, and it is also easy to cause side effects such as blisters, scars and pigmentation due to the photothermal effect, but the new picosecond instrument allows these side effects. The production of the pigment is greatly reduced, and the powerful energy can also crush the pigment even more. At present, picoseconds is the highest level of skin laser beauty. By the way, the more powerful laser has femtoseconds, which are 1000 times faster than picoseconds. It is currently used in corneal cutting for myopia correction surgery.

          3.What kind of spots is effective for picoseconds? Can you get rid of it once?

          The picosecond laser is mainly aimed at spots caused by the aggregation of melanin particles secreted by melanocytes, such as freckles, age spots, black acne marks, and chloasma. The effects are very good.

          However, whether it can be removed at one time depends on the size and depth of the spots, that is, the accumulation of melanin. If it is a small superficial spot, it can be removed once, but if the spot is large or deep, in order to control the damage and side effects of the treatment, you need to perform multiple operations to remove all of it. The specific number of times depends on the therapist’s treatment of the spots. Judgment of specific circumstances.


          4.Will the spots grow longer after they are removed? Will it rebound? Will it rely on picoseconds?

          First of all, the skin spots, that is, the aggregated melanin particles, are crushed if they are crushed picoseconds. However, we have to realize that the human body is a dynamic tissue, so healthy melanocytes are always secreting melanin particles. (If the melanocytes are not working, it will be sick and become vitiligo). Of course, the human body is also continuously metabolizing melanin particles. Therefore, when ultraviolet rays, staying up late, skin damage, endocrine disorders and other factors lead to increased skin melanin production and decreased metabolism, it will inevitably continue to grow spots. Therefore, whitening care and freckle care are actually a long-term skin care process. The picosecond itself does not have any rebound or dependence. If the skin still grows or grows more severely in the future, it is just that the current skin produces more melanin due to various factors but cannot metabolize it.

          5.Will doing picoseconds hurt the skin?

          I know that many articles or institutions will claim that picoseconds are very powerful and will end the treatment before they have time to destroy the skin. However, I want to emphasize that picoseconds do damage the skin. Even if the damage is small compared with the previous laser instruments, the damage is the damage. After burying a big mine in the ground and exploding a big pit, the damage is too great to blow up casually. Then, after burying a small grenade, it seems that there is no pit and you can blow it up at will?

          Therefore, please consider carefully before doing picoseconds: whether the skin is healthy and whether it has enough ability to repair itself after finishing it. Pay attention to two points after finishing the picosecond: 1. Replenishment and repair. 2. Sun protection. It should also be emphasized that if you meet an unreliable operating doctor, the injury during the operation may be doubled, and even pigmentation caused by skin damage that is too serious to repair itself.

          6.If multiple operations are required, how long is the interval between them?

          This requires a comprehensive judgment based on the skin’s own health and self-repair ability. It is recommended that if the damage caused by the previous time has not been completely repaired, you should not rush the next time to prevent the accumulation of damage and weaken the skin’s immunity. Under normal circumstances, the interval between two treatments is 1-2 months.

          7.Does the picosecond operation hurt?

          There will be a certain degree of tingling. Especially if it is a dermal spot, when the laser energy needs to be adjusted more deeply, there will be obvious tingling. However, most people can still accept it. If you are particularly afraid of pain, you can lower your energy or apply some anesthetic on the surface first.


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