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Picosecond laser VS traditional laser

2022-01-05 09:42:45

          Pulse width


          The difference between picosecond laser and traditional laser is the pulse width (pulse duration).


          The shorter the pulse width, the weaker the effect of converting light into heat, almost no photothermal effect, the less likely it is to diffuse to the surrounding intact tissues, and the stronger the effect on melanin.


          Comparison of crushed melanin particles


          If the pigment particles deposited in the body are compared to rocks, traditional lasers can crush rocks to the size of pebbles, while picosecond lasers can crush them into dust.


          Because of the fast speed of the picosecond laser, the blasting ability is stronger, the blasting is finer, the tissue absorption is better, and the curative effect is better. Therefore, the pigmented skin lesions can be treated with a shorter number of times to produce stronger Efficacy.


          Thermal damage comparison


          Picosecond laser freckle removal is based on the theory of selective photothermal effect, using its powerful instant power to target specific spots on the face by emitting wavelengths, so that it absorbs energy and produces photomechanical effects, which are shattered into smaller fragments. And there is no damage to skin cells in this process. And the body’s immune system will delete these broken pigment particles and get rid of them, which is very safe.


          Q: Does picosecond laser freckle beauty make the skin thinner?


          Answer: No. After 25 years of age, as our skin grows older, collagen and elastin are lost, and the skin gradually becomes thinner. The laser uses selective heat to lighten stains, remove and expand small blood vessels, repair light-damaged skin, and improve skin appearance. At the same time, the photothermal effect of the laser can activate skin fibroblasts, and cause the molecular structure of dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers to change, increase in number, rearrange them, and restore skin elasticity, thereby reducing wrinkles and reducing pores.


          Therefore, the laser will not make the skin thinner, on the contrary, it will increase the thickness of the skin, and make it more compact and elastic, transforming it towards youthfulness.


          Q: Will it rebound after finishing it?


          Answer: The picosecond laser freckle will not rebound, but it does not mean that it is impossible for the skin to reappear in the future, because the laser freckle removes the existing pigment, but it does not prevent the re-formation of the pigment. Therefore, it is very necessary to take care and maintenance of the skin after the operation.


          Q: Does picosecond cure pain? What is it like during the treatment?


          Answer: The picosecond treatment is not painful, there is no need to apply surface numbness, and there is only a slight warming sensation. It is a more comfortable treatment experience. Compared with traditional laser pain and the skin redness and heat reaction after treatment, it is greatly reduced. The energy used for tattoo removal and the pigment of the dermis layer is higher, and epidermal anesthesia can be performed in advance.



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