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South Korea imports Dermashine-4

2022-02-10 16:12:06

          Love beautiful people all know, the relationship between oil and water is very big still, if the skin give oil serious it must be the skin and is a serious water shortage, water shortage led to the imbalance between water and oil of a state, so be sure to add enough water, recommend a beauty salon today special hydrating instruments, Dermashine-4 intelligent above instruments to help you restore skin vitality


          Negative pressure technology can quickly penetrate into the surface of the skin, so that the skin layer and fat between the formation of a cavity, so that more uniform distribution of nutrients;


          It can make the skin smooth in a small area, so as to ensure that the nutrients can enter the accurate and consistent depth. It can quickly penetrate the active substances into the skin tissues by fixed point, fixed position, fixed layer and quantitative method, so as to achieve better reflection effect. Dermashine-4 greatly improves the safety and has no wound surface, and truly achieves the perfect beauty instrument with no pain, no recovery period and no feeling


          The working principle of “Warm and cool Skin”


          By reducing metabolic rate and inhibiting cell activity, it reduces the sensitivity of peripheral nerves, plays a sedative and soothing role, cancels and alleviates skin swelling, swelling and pain, strengthens collagen fibers, makes skin firm and elastic, and smooths wrinkles and crow’s feet.


          Especially for allergic skin has a very good effect.


          Treatment efficacy


          Deep hydrating to replenish the nutrients needed by the skin.


          Activate the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, enhance the elasticity and luster of the skin, and prevent the skin from aging.


          Hidden pores, delicate skin


          Facial rejuvenates, whitens and strengthens the skin


          Improve facial wrinkles: canthus lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, neck lines


          Skin reconstruction: acne scars, stretch marks, pitting scars


          South Korea imports Dermashine-4 above instrument sales since entering China has always been very popular, so as to derive many high copy goods. So please be sure to see if it is genuine when you buy it. zheone Yi-Mei is the largest agent of Demashine in China, and the quality is very guaranteed. You can contact me in time if you have instrument requirements


       Further reading:Application of picoseconds


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