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Abbas combination therapy

2022-02-11 09:37:56

Problem skin 1: Sensitive redness


        Performance:Thin skin, easy to see capillaries, easy to appear red silk phenomenon,The skin is prone to uneven flushing; the pores are fine or closed; the skin is dry and dehydrated.


        Treatment direction:Use restorative products containing ceramide ingredients to enhance skin’s moisture content, enhance adhesion, and strengthen the immune function of the skin barrier.


        Treatment plan:Abbas + Milk Light


        Abbas needle-free water light handle with Mibel No. 3 second polishing essence spray for 5 minutes.The cold ionization handle and the Mibel 1+3 essence are introduced for about 15 minutes.Apply medical repair mask and milk light (red light + IR) for about 15 minutes, 20 times/course of treatment, 7 days/time.


        Home Repair Suggestions:Mibel White Water + Mibel No. 1/3 Throwing Essence + Mibel Keratin Reconstruction Cream, keep using it for more than three months.


        When the skin is extremely fragile and sensitive, wash your face with low temperature water to reduce irritation to the skin.Stop all cleaning products first and choose skin care products with simple ingredients, mild, no coloring, fragrance and allergenic preservatives.


        Skin repair does not lie in one day, but in the control of every detail in daily life.Such as skin care actions, skin care habits, dietary taboos, precautions, usual protection, etc., scientific skin care methods and correct guidance are essential.


Problem skin 2: Dry and peeling skin


        Manifestations: burning, redness, tingling, roughness, tightness and scaling of the skin.


        Treatment direction: increase the moisture content of the skin,Strengthen the skin barrier function, so that the added water can be locked in firmly, keeping the skin hydrated for a long time.


        Treatment plan: Abbas + Demasa water light needle 


      Abarth needle-free water light handle with small silver bar water moisturizing tender muscle essence spray for 5 minutes,The cold ionization handle is injected for about 15 minutes. After the first 3 times and 3 days/time, it is matched with Demasa water light needle for 1 month/time.Follow with Abbas for 7 days/time to repair the skin barrier from the inside out, deeply hydrating and locking in water.


        Home Repair Suggestions:Small Silver Bar Water Rejuvenating Essence Apply once in the morning and evening, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.        


Problem skin 3: dull yellow and dull


        Manifestations: yellowish, dull, dry, rough, wrinkled skin


        Treatment direction: Use products containing niacinamide to inhibit the production of melanin, increase the moisture content of the skin, and make the skin moist and shiny.


        Treatment plan: Su Yan instrument + Abbas


        No-Yan Apparatus removes excess waste keratin for 7 days/time, allowing the skin to breathe freely.


        Abbas Combination Small Silver Bar Brightening Essence Needle-Free Water Light Spray for 5 minutes,Cold ionization handle is introduced for about 15 minutes, 7 days/time, brightens skin tone and improves dullness.


        Home Repair Suggestions:It is better to use it in the morning and evening with the small silver bar brightening essence.


       Further reading:The difference between electro-optical Q-switching and passive Q-switching


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