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Q -switched ND YAG LASER : remove stains, improve skin tone, remove tattoos

2022-03-16 15:47:36

          With the advancement of technology and the concept of advancing with the times, you nowadays have used SUPER-picoseconds. There are two kinds of super picosecond wavelengths: 532nm and 1064nm. Different wavelengths have different depth of action and energy. Compared with picoseconds, super picoseconds have a wider application range and stronger effects.

          Instrument introduction: Super picosecond is a new type of laser instrument from the United States. The picosecond laser is the time that light hits the skin and stays on the picosecond level. The unique feature of the device is that it instantly transmits ultra-short pulses to the target tissues, and shatters the target pigment clumps into fine particles through photoacoustic action, which is more safe and effective to metabolize them out of the body. Possessing the global innovative technology-the dual-sound dual-pulse mode converts the traditional single-pulse laser into a double-pulse, so that the energy is gentler, the safety is higher, and the possibility of recurrence is the lowest. It is the best treatment for melasma.


          Working principle: instantaneous high-energy blasting effect, shatters the melanocytes in the epidermis, some are ejected from the body on the spot, and some are phagocytosed and metabolized by macrophages; at the same time, it conducts energy to the deep dermis, starts repairing growth factors, and promotes collagen And the renewal and proliferation of elastic fibers accelerate the metabolism of the skin and accelerate the metabolism of melanin out of the body, thereby solving the deep pigment problem from the root.


          South Korea imported light guide arm: The high-precision light guide arm can be operated flexibly through the cooperation of different modules, and is suitable for a variety of places.


          Laser imported from Canada: The power of the laser greatly affects the treatment effect, and the laser is not only high in power, but also more stable and safer.


          Scope of application:


          Freckles: chloasma, freckles, age spots, pigment spots, sun spots, pigmentation


          Whitening and rejuvenation: facial rejuvenation, whole body rejuvenation, dark yellow complexion


          Endogenous pigmented skin lesions: Ota nevus, coffee spots, seborrheic keratosis, junctional nevi, black lesions, blue nevus, post-inflammatory pigmentation, etc.


          Exogenous pigmented skin lesions: tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos and traumatic pigmented skin lesions.


          Instrument features:


          Adjustable light spot


          The 2-10mm high-quality light spot is continuously adjustable, without strong points, and the operation is safer. After configuring the light spot adjuster, you can obtain a more stable, various spot area required by the doctor to ensure the consistency of the treatment effect in the operation area.


          Even energy distribution


          Zoom & calibration operation head, true “flat top hat” output mode, more even energy distribution.


          super short pulse width


          Picosecond pulse width, milder pain during operation, higher peak power, stronger pigment breaking, and less skin damage.


          New technology


          The new technology of low output Q-Switching method is suitable for handling difficult endothelial diseases.


          7-section light guide system


          The double-pulse energy of the 7-section articulated arm is more secure for the elimination of various skin pigment diseases.


          super picoseconds can stimulate collagen proliferation, shrink pores and whiten skin. However, because the super-picosecond device has a holographic dot matrix head and is in the 1064nm wavelength, it can transmit energy from deep to shallow without damaging the skin barrier to better stimulate collagen and elastic fibers. Regenerate, refine pores, whiten and rejuvenate skin.


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