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Effect of radio frequency microneedle of V-nice gold imported from South Korea

2022-03-16 10:16:56

        Autumn has arrived, and the skin is in the season of lack of water. Once the skin lacks moisture, the skin will become dark, with small fine lines and large pores. If you want to improve these problems, you should solve them from the root. V-nice gold RF micro needle imported from South Korea acts on these skin problems.

        Let’s know what the RF gold needle is V-nice gold RF microneedle is a kind of instrument specially aimed at the skin problems such as pockmarks, acne skin, pores, folliculitis, uneven skin color and so on. The gold RF microneedle combines the micro needle minimally invasive and RF functions, and uses the micro needle RF probe technology which can adjust different depths. When the microneedles in the probe penetrate the skin, they release RF energy at the same time. This heat is only released at the bottom tip and will not heat the epidermis, so it can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat the collagen in deep dermis, and promote the denaturation, recombination and coagulation of collagen. In addition, the micro invasion caused by the micro needle can stimulate a variety of activating factors, make the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieve the effect of skin regeneration, firming and lifting, lightening wrinkles and reshaping the facial contour.


        How long can VNAs gold RF microneedles see the effect?


        Gold radiofrequency microneedle after about three days can have a more obvious effect, some people at this time a look, the skin has been lifted up. The better effect is about three months, because at this time, the new effect of collagen has reached a peak. We can see that the whole skin seems to be fuller, more elastic, more compact, and has a sense of upward. Of course, some people need a longer time to grow collagen, so it is possible to have a very obvious effect after half a year. What kind of person? Usually they are relatively thin people, because the subcutaneous fat is less, so it takes a longer time to see the curative effect of swelling. What’s more, according to the different skin types, the duration of maintenance is also different. It is recommended to do the treatment once a year, or once in two or three years.


        Korean import V NAS gold RF micro needle effect said so much, beauty salon is very popular with this instrument, so please contact us in time if you need it!


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