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Gold RF microneedles imported from South Korea

2022-03-17 11:19:58

        The fast-paced daily life brings us tired body and various facial skin problems. If the skin problems can not be solved, there will also be various family problems. Therefore, South Korea imports gold RF micro needle VNAs to solve various skin problems.


        The working principle of gold RF microneedles: quickly break through the skin barrier, dense microneedles can create a standard and unified puncture channel in a short time, break through the facial epidermal barrier, accurately target the deep target, effectively stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and achieve skin firmness and delicate q-elasticity. After treatment, how long does it take to recover? Because gold radiofrequency micro needle is a minimally invasive treatment. After the treatment, there will be no obvious trauma on the face, but there will be a slight feeling of redness. Generally, the recovery will disappear in 2-3 days, and the recovery period is very short. Does gold radiofrequency micro needle hurt? During the treatment, there will be slight pain, but it is also OK, which is within the tolerance range of ordinary women. After the treatment, there will be some red feeling, but there will be no blood spots, scab, and leave any scar problems, in a real sense, the minimally invasive effect has been achieved.


        Is gold RF microneedles safe? Gold RF microneedles are equipped with needle head negative pressure automatic induction device. Only when the skin and the needle fully fit can the needle emit energy, which greatly avoids accidental injury to surrounding skin when the needle emits energy, and the safety has been greatly improved. Fully activate the new energy of skin, radiofrequency energy can safely, accurately and evenly heat collagen in deep dermis, promote collagen denaturation, recombination and condensation, promote skin metabolism, activate new energy of skin, and stabilize young skin texture. Open the skin regeneration code, through the micro needle fixed-point puncture technology, accurately locate the skin problem location, easily realize the skin through the skin to the inner layer of drug delivery, can effectively remove heavy metals, clear skin free radicals, from the inside to the outside to achieve the skin young.


        If you want to restore your facial skin to a young state, you can use the gold RF micro needle VNAs imported from Korea. The equipment sold by Flaser medical beauty is very popular in beauty salons. If you need it, please contact us in time.


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