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Microneedle mesotherapy is also known as microneedle mesodermal beauty therapy

2021-12-08 16:25:02

          Microneedle mesotherapy is also known as microneedle mesodermal beauty therapy. It is a nursing method that directly introduces active skin care ingredients or nutrients into the subcutaneous tissue to exert its beauty effect. Because of its small trauma and quick recovery, microneedles are loved by women who love them. So, how to achieve the best treatment effect?


          1.Wrinkle-removing and lifting: Instantly lifting, awakening the skin’s regeneration function, reducing fine lines, diminishing expression lines, thereby reversing youth. It is suitable for dynamic wrinkles such as eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and perioral wrinkles, as well as fine lines, fine lines and sagging aging skin of facial aging and photoaging.


          2.Skin repair: regulate the process of skin reconstruction of damaged or sensitive skin, regulate the functional differentiation of skin tissues, and prevent scar proliferation. It is suitable for skin with too thin skin caused by excessive skin peeling or instrument grinding, sensitive skin caused by unsafe freckle products, and skin with red blood streaks.


          3.Removal of stretch marks: The use of products containing active collagen ingredients in the treatment can activate the skin’s active repair mechanism, repair collagen, fibrin and connective tissue, and reduce stretch marks; at the same time, collagen can inhibit the production and decomposition of melanin Pigment, reduce pregnancy spots.


          4.Face-lifting and lifting: Micro-needling treatment can awaken the skin’s regeneration function, reduce facial aging and photo-aging fine lines, fine lines and sagging aging skin, powerfully enhance the facial skin, and create a beautiful curve.


          5.Whitening and moisturizing: Microneedles evenly stimulate the subcutaneous tissues, which can stimulate the secondary growth of cell tissues while achieving uniform damage, play a role in promoting collagen regeneration, and have the function of safely inhibiting melanin production and decomposing pigments, moisturizing and locking water, The skin whitening and lightening effect is remarkable.


          Q: Is there a lot of blood during the treatment?


          A: Basically not. A slight bleeding will only occur if the diameter is above 1.0mm. This is normal and will not cause any permanent trauma.


          Q: Will microneedle therapy cause bacterial infections on the skin?


          A: No. Because it is one injection per person, it cannot be used with other people.


          Q: Who is not suitable for microneedle treatment?


          A: Those with skin allergies, eczema, herpes, severe acne, frequent inflammation, and immune diseases such as diabetes are not suitable.


          Q: With which products can I get the best results?


          A: Microneedle drug delivery has the dual advantages of traditional injection drug delivery and transdermal drug delivery, which can significantly increase the penetration rate and absorption of the drug. Collagen is the main protein component of skin tissue. As the age increases, the content of collagen in the skin gradually decreases, and a series of aging phenomena will occur if the skin lacks collagen.


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