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Matters needing attention after the fourth generation of Derma shina water injection

2021-12-09 16:02:21

          The difference of skin of young skin and age how old skin besides have furrow, skin flabby outside, the burnish degree of color of skin often cannot ignore. Let the skin from the inside out to reveal this rosy, in order to look more youthful. In recent years, the most popular than the water needle, so how to pay attention to the use of The fourth Generation of DE Martha after the water needle, the following is a brief introduction to the four generation of DE Martha after the water needle matters needing attention.




          Common reaction after water light operation


          1. Water-light injection is to accurately inject a large amount of small molecules of hyaluronic acid and nutrient solution into the subcutaneous dermis by means of instruments, in case of epidermal injury Punctiform bleeding or petechiae from injury is normal and can be restored in 2-3 days.


          2. Since the synthesis of subcutaneous cells is accelerated after water and light injection, the skin needs a lot of water to accelerate the absorption of nutrients.Early skin surface can appear dry lack water, apply facial mask more can.


          3. Postoperative facial papule and redness are normal phenomena, which can be alleviated by ice compress.


          4. Some customers will have acne after the first injection of water light needle. Due to the long-term lack of water in the skin, the first injection results in the skin not being able to adapt to a large number of nutrients.


          Nursing care after waterlight operation


          1. Pay attention to a large number of hydrating facial masks, at least two times a day. Please use medical anti-inflammatory hydrating facial masks in the previous week;


          2. Don’t wash your face for four hours. Do not apply make-up for three days. Use a soft cleanser and apply a basic moisturizing product.


          3. After three days, you can enter normal skin care and makeup.


          4. Pay attention to sunscreen: It is recommended to use physical sunscreen for sun protection, or wear a hat, glasses, mask to block the sun.


          5. Forbidden foods: spicy, exciting, seafood, beef and mutton hair food do not eat, avoid wine for a week.


          6. Strenuous exercise, swimming or sauna is not recommended for one week after surgery.


          The above description may not be comprehensive. If you have any instrument problems, please contact Future Flaser Medical Beauty. We have professional tutors to guide you personally. Derma shina the four generation of water acupuncture postoperative attention points to introduce so much.



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