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The New Year is almost here, and many friends want to do laser hair removal, then laser hair removal ?

2021-12-07 11:05:17

          The New Year is almost here, and many friends want to do laser hair removal, then laser hair removal dqaoxi?


          1.How many times should laser hair removal be removed? How long does it take?


          Many people think that laser hair removal is done once, but it is not. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 5 times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.


          Everyone should know that the hair follicle structure and growth cycle are different for different parts and physiques. The place where the hair follicle grows faster, such as the armpit hair, should be shed about 5 times. What about the place where the hair follicle is slow? For example, lip hair, at least about 10 times.The length of the interval is also determined by the speed of the growth cycle. If the cycle is long, the time between the intervals will definitely be longer. It is possible from 1.5 months to 2.5 months.


          2.What season is more suitable for hair removal?


          Laser hair removal has no wounds and does not require a recovery period. It can be treated at any time. In theory, there is no seasonality.


          But in summer, because there is no clothing to cover, laser hair removal requires multiple times, so it is recommended that you choose autumn and winter, so that you can wear summer clothes in summer and show off your beauty wantonly.


          3.Why can’t vitamin A be used before laser beauty?


          Because topical products containing vitamin A make the skin easily dry, and eventually become sensitive to laser beauty, leading to a prolonged recovery period after treatment. So before doing laser beauty, stop vitamin A first.


          4.What should I pay attention to in diet for laser hair removal?


          Try not to eat irritating foods (such as peppers, onions and garlic) within three days of laser hair removal. It is better to have a light diet, and you can eat more foods that contain more VC. In addition, you need to take sunscreen 15 days in advance, otherwise the chance of melanin precipitation will be greatly increased.


          5.Why does the skin turn red during laser hair removal?


          The laser is a linear beam with thermal energy that is selectively absorbed by the chromatogram. We use the 808NM spectrum. This spectrum is only selectively absorbed by melanin. The energy is absorbed by melanin, which will cause skin redness. The so-called red rash usually disappears after a period of time according to people of different physiques.


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