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Laser freckle removal

2022-02-21 10:34:11

          Pigmentation refers to spots that are different in color from the surrounding area. It is a pigmented skin disease. It is a skin disease that is often caused by the increase of melanin in the skin and is commonly seen on the face. The forehead area, including freckles, coffee spots, sun spots, age spots, nevus of Ota, nevus of Ito, etc., is more common in women, and is related to heredity, sun exposure, and skin aging. Some spots will aggravate after sun exposure. The high incidence of pigmentation and the lack of ideal treatment has always been a major problem in skin beauty, and laser treatment provides an ideal treatment method for pigmentation. Laser freckle removal is different from traditional chemical or physical peeling methods. It uses a method that is less traumatic to the skin to fundamentally remove pigmentation, so it is safer and more effective.


          Produces: Visible light of instantaneous energy


          Action: Pigment absorption


          Can laser freckle removal really remove freckles permanently? Expert: Spots cannot be eradicated


          Does laser freckle removal hurt? Doctor’s Q&A: There is a certain amount of pain, but it is completely tolerable


          Anesthesia and preoperative preparation




          Anesthesia is generally not required. For the treatment of sensitive parts (such as around the eyes), large areas, and infants, local infiltration anesthesia, topical anesthesia or general anesthesia can be used as appropriate.


          2.Preoperative preparation


          Before surgery, patients need to clean their face to avoid grease retention.




          Freckles, coffee spots, sun spots, age spots, moles of Ota, moles of Ito, tattoos, etc.




          Surgery intolerance.


          Operation principle:


          The laser can selectively act on different skin tissues. As long as a specific light source is used, it can ensure that only the pigmentation spots are affected, and the normal skin tissues will not be affected. The laser energy can be absorbed by the pigment particles in the lesion in a very short period of time, resulting in extremely high temperature, causing it to rapidly expand, forming a micro-blast, which is vaporized and crushed into very small particles, which are then absorbed by macrophages in the tissue. swallow, clear.


          Postoperative complications:


          Patients with scarring constitution may have hyperproliferative scar reaction.


          Post-operative care:


          1.Arrange sterile gauze on the treatment area after surgery, and use an ice pack for 30 to 60 minutes at the same time.


          2.Keep the treatment area clean and dry, and do not touch the water before the local scab is formed to prevent infection.


          3.Be sure to use sunscreen for half a month to half a year after treatment. Also apply appropriate sunscreen indoors and stronger sunscreen outdoors.


          4.The skin needs to be hydrated after surgery.




          1.In general, the younger the age, the thinner the skin, the shallower the lesion, the stronger the repair and absorption capacity, the less the number of treatments, and the better the treatment effect.


          2.Laser treatment of pigmentation requires multiple treatments. Chloasma generally needs about 5 times, coffee spots need 1 to 3 times, and freckles and age spots are mostly needed once. The interval between each treatment is about 2 months.


          3.Before the scab falls off, it is not advisable to exercise vigorously and make up, and do not forcibly tear off the scab.


          4.Pigmentation may appear in some patients, which mostly disappear within a few months.


          5.Doctors and patients should protect their eyes during treatment.


          6.Laser treatment of pigmented lesions will not cause irreversible damage to the body.


          7.to a regular professional hospital as much as possible and choose a qualified professional doctor for treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness.


          8.As far as possible, choose to treat in spring, autumn and winter.


          Post-operative diet:


          Eat a light diet, eat more foods containing more vitamin C, and avoid products containing pigments and spicy and irritating foods.


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