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Principle and efficacy of ultrasonic scalpel

2022-02-22 09:26:42

        Although the ultrasonic knife is called a knife, its principle is to release a high-intensity focused ultrasonic wave (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which is a technology developed based on ultrasonic waves. Focusing and other physical properties, the external energy ultrasound penetrates normal tissues without damage, and accurately focuses on the beauty treatment area in the body (the corresponding positions of the skin dermis, basal layer, and SMAS fascia layer, and the surrounding tissues are not in focus because they are not in focus. Affected), in an instant within 0.5 seconds, a thermal condensation point of 65 ° C ~ 70 ° C will be generated, so that the tissue cells in the target area will immediately produce a protein coagulation reaction, and a pulling force will be generated around the freezing point.


        HIFU is the abbreviation of “high-intensity focused ultrasound”, its principle is similar to the light wave focusing principle of concave lens, the sound wave is focused on a fixed focus, and high-temperature heat energy is generated at the focus. In medicine, it can be used to eliminate diseased tissue in living organisms. It was used in tumor treatment system in the early stage. Later, it was found to have excellent effects on skin improvement and fat elimination, and then it was introduced into the field of medical beauty.


        Ultrasonic scalpel has three major functions: tightening, tightening, and pulling. It uses a certain frequency of ultrasound to focus on human skin tissue. The precise operation does not damage the surrounding tissue, stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the subcutaneous fascia layer, and reaches the deep fascia SMAS layer. Ultrasound energy has a certain amount of heat, which stimulates collagen fibers to contract, making the skin appear firmer.


        Ultrasonic scalpel beauty uses the principle of ultrasonic thermal energy focusing through the method of lattice heat transfer, the energy acts on the dermis layer, no moving knife, no wound, the ultrasonic scalpel beauty probe emits matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6-12 million times per second Go deep under the skin to damage the subcutaneous cells. At a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, the energy is directly applied to the deep fascia, and the radio frequency electric field in the fascia layer forms a focusing surface, which strongly impacts the dermal tissue and produces an electric field aggregation effect on the dermal tissue. Raise the subcutaneous temperature to about 60-75°C to determine the effective thermal damage effect of heat on the dermal fiber layer. At the same time, a large number of oral ultrasonic scalpels are matched with ACMETEA nutrition. ACMETEA dual repair factors siromei and chitosan oligosaccharide are natural for ultrasonic scalpel surgery. The protective barrier is also the function that triggers the body to start repairing regenerative cells and repairing fascia, which has better lifting, wrinkle-removing and skin-firming effects.


       Further reading:How HIFU works?


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