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The light falls on your face, the skin is reborn

2022-02-21 10:08:06

        There can be many indicators of the goddess.But a fair and clean face,It is definitely one of the indicators to measure!


        Many beauty are plagued by stains all over their faces.For stains, many girls are helpless.The spots on the face are always removed and long, and long and removed.It’s always bad to go over and over again!


        All kinds of gatherings and parties in March are definitely indispensable.It’s really embarrassing to have a mottled face at that time.A group of old friends (plastic) friends (sisters) took a group photo.Your face with stains will definitely be turned into a scum by your girlfriends~!In fact, it’s easy to get rid of freckles. The important thing is to find the right method.


        Before that, we must first understand how the stains are formed.


        Causes of stain formation:


  1. Genetic 15%, Ultraviolet 25%,  3. Endocrine 35%,   4 . Living habits 15%


        After understanding the causes of stains.Girls only need to choose the right method.It’s not that difficult to get rid of freckles~


        DPL precise skin rejuvenation technology


      Target specific spots on the face by emitting wavelength.Penetrate the skin accurately.Make it absorb energy to produce light and heat effect.Without destroying normal tissue cells.Make the pigment clusters break down and decompose quickly.The human immune system deletes these broken pigment particles and get rid of it.




        1.Precision treatment—–Characteristic treatment is more distinctive and prominent


        It is specially developed to solve skin acne marks, red blood streaks and epidermal stains. The precise energy is used to solve the problem of red and dark skin; the immediate response is more obvious than ordinary photon treatment, the treatment effect is significant, and the treatment course is shortened;


        2.Precise energy—-Lower therapeutic energy and higher safety factor


        It is 5 times the accuracy of traditional photons, and it only needs 1/2 or less of the energy of traditional photons to achieve the same effect; the treatment safety is improved, and it is suitable for the treatment of people with “thin skin” who have high requirements for treatment.


        3.Precision therapy—-Effectiveness-breaking through the bottleneck of traditional photorejuvenation


        When the breakthrough treatment reaches a certain stage, the remaining small blemishes will basically lose its effect; the precise photon breaks through the treatment bottleneck and completely removes the skin’s “red and black” problem;


        4.Precise control—-4 cooling gears for higher comfort


        Traditional photon therapy has only one cooling level, which is poor in comfort and has the risk of scalding blisters; precision photon rejuvenation has 4 levels of cooling, which can be fine-tuned according to the needs of treatment and customer tolerance. The precise spectrum effectively avoids the ineffective spectrum from affecting the skin. Thermal damage.


       Further reading:DPL photorejuvenilizer whitening and firming skin


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