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2021-10-20 14:47:11

        According to a large number of survey data, the energy of health care physiotherapy instruments on the market can only be transferred to the shallow surface, which is easily offset by the body’s natural impedance, and it is often difficult to stimulate the body’s own heat by external warm way; In & 448k has a patented endothermic technology, that is, the introduction of bionic bioelectrical current, which causes collision and friction with the heating body (resistance) in the body, generating heat energy from inside to outside, and improving the basic body temperature. The body temperature will increase and the activity of cells will increase, and the incidence rate of various diseases will be reduced. In & 448k is the most appropriate frequency to regulate the activities of ions inside and outside the cell. It can effectively help the ions to move across the cell membrane through the cell membrane channel, and make the positive and negative ion exchange of the cell return to normal, so as to balance the positive and negative charges of the cell and enhance the activity of the cell.


        Bio fever (fever Master)


        Ultra high frequency technology, combined with “deep source heat” technology and 800 thousand times per second ultra-high frequency technology, promotes that when quantum high frequency passes through human tissue in the whole layer, the positive and negative polar molecules in local tissue of human body will produce polarization and vibration phenomenon, which leads to friction and rotation of tissue molecules, so that human body can achieve the purpose of physical heating, thus generating deep source heat. Make the customer’s body temperature rise to 38.5-40.5 degrees, artificially create a “fever” environment for the human body. Non invasive elimination of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, dredge the body of all kinds of ducts and glands and bones, the whole body can be temperature management, enhance immunity, improve constipation, uterine cold, is really non-invasive, painless, no pressure treatment.




        Through the subcutaneous penetration of 12 cm, it can reach the three fascia layers of shallow, middle and deep, with two-way internal circulation, unblocking the pipeline, removing dead cell toxin garbage and metabolites, repairing damaged cells, activating dormant cells and promoting cell regeneration, improving pain, and discharging metabolic toxins simultaneously. In 30 minutes, the fascia is transparent and healthy, the absorption of components is increased by 5 times, and the metabolism is increased by 3 times.

        Scope of application: heat energy penetrates through the whole body system to carry out eight parts health management, including neck and brain management, chest management, abdomen management, hip management, back management, waist management, arm management and leg management. It can eliminate subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, enhance immunity, improve constipation, uterine cold and prevent cancer.

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