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Dermashine 4th

2021-10-20 14:54:55

        Many people have the same problem. They drink a lot of water every day, but they always feel that their skin is in a state of water shortage. Once the skin is short of water, all kinds of dry lines, fine lines and coarse pores will follow, and water supplement has become an indispensable part.


        At present, there are a variety of water replenishment methods in the market, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for products. In addition to considering the safety and effectiveness of products, they are particularly concerned about the cost performance and comfort of products. Next, let’s talk about flaser Feijia’s “radio frequency and water light combination – four generations of demasa water replenishing and anti-aging equipment”, which meet the needs of beauty seekers. Demasa’s fourth generation water light instrument is a RF  water light beauty instrument made in South Korea. Compared with other water light instruments, it has added the function of RF micro needle. It will be born in 2020 and is very popular in the beauty industry.


        It is a beauty instrument integrating electronic water light and radio frequency micro needle technology. Demasa generation 4 is not only an intelligent water light instrument, but also a new radio frequency micro needle hand tool based on demasa generation 3. Radio frequency micro needle combines three technologies of micro needle minimally invasive, high temperature radio frequency and transdermal drug delivery, which can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat collagen in deep dermis, It can promote the regeneration and recombination of collagen, which is better than the third generation of demasa, and increase the anti-aging effect.


        Therapeutic efficacy of four generations of demasa


(1) Deep hydration, supplement the skin nutrients.


(2) Activate skin, promote collagen and elastic fiber regeneration, enhance skin elasticity and luster, prevent skin aging.


(3) Hidden pores, delicate skin.


(4) Facial rejuvenation, skin whitening and firming.


(5) Improve facial wrinkles: eye wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles, head lifting wrinkles, neck wrinkles.


(6) Skin reconstruction: pockmarks, marks of pregnancy, sunken scars.


        Scope of application: anti aging and firming, improving wrinkles, moisturizing and softening skin, skin reconstruction, removing stretch marks

        1、Double effect of new scheme


        RF skin firming technology, microcrystalline skin changing technology and water light injection technology supplement the nutrients needed by dermis. Breaking through the traditional singleness, the dermis directly emits RF energy. At the same time, the depth of micro acupuncture and the size of RF energy can be adjusted according to different degrees of adaptation, and the curative effect is doubled.


        2、The effect of micro scab is perfect


        The gold microneedle uses the unique design of insulated microneedle to avoid stimulating the epidermis, the tip of the needle can reach the depth directly to release energy, and has no thermal damage to the epidermis tissue. There will be no adverse reactions such as scab and color sink after operation, and the effect is perfect.


        3、The effect is remarkable


        It can precisely target tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring, micro personalized settings for wrinkles, relaxation, acne, scars and other symptoms, so that the skin can quickly repair to a young and healthy state. The longer the time, the better the effect. It can last for 3-6 years at a time.


Further reading:Dermashine 4 Technology Brief

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