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Precautions for 808 freezing point hair removal

2021-10-20 14:40:54

        Smooth and silky body is what every girls wants, but some girls want to get rid of the hair on their body. It’s not a good thing to grow too dense. Then there are many friends who have not done freezing point hair removal. What should I prepare or pay attention to the first time I do freezing hair removal? This article will answer you what you should pay attention to before and after the first freezing point hair removal.

Project Benefits


Painless hair removal: the unique adjustable mode of epidermal temperature cooling, cooling the skin epidermis to 5 degrees, effectively protecting the skin no damage, feel refreshed, no burning sensation;


Quick hair removal: With a large 12*12mm spot, it eliminates the treatment dead zone formed by the traditional laser round spot, which can perform large-area hair removal with high efficiency and fast speed;


Safe hair removal: directly hit the melanin in the hair follicles, the epidermis absorbs less energy, so there is no loss of surrounding tissues, nor produce inflammation and melanin deposition;


Precise hair removal: The well-designed semiconductor laser can directly enter the dermis, and the melanin particles in the hair and follicles the particles absorb, produce light and heat effect, completely destroy the hair follicles and hair shaft, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal;


Whitening and skin rejuvenation: gather all the advantages of traditional freezing point hair removal, powerful functions, not only hair removal but also skin rejuvenation and whitening, tighten the skin.


Taboo people


(1) Three highs: high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar;


(2) Patients with heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, and other major diseases;


(3) A history of scars;


(4) Photoallergic constitution or drug-induced photosalergy or during the period of taking photosensitivity drugs (isotretinoin);


(5) Active herpes or skin damage;


(6) Female three-period menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation;


(7) Within three months of micro-injection;


(8) Perfectionists;


(9) Those who will be exposed to sunlight in the near future or have been exposed to sunlight;


(10) Taking anticoagulant drugs;


(11) Those with similar skin color and functional color base;


Postoperative precautions


1.Apply medical ice pack to the area with strong tingling sensation.


2.Do not take a hot bath within 24 hours, and do not sauna, sweat, or swim within 7 days. Hair removal care solution must be used immediately after surgery (3 to 4 times in the morning and evening) for 15 days.


3.Pay attention to sun protection, do not use functional cosmetics, physical sun protection (masks, anti-UV glasses).


4.Forbid spicy food, seafood, beef and mutton and other stimulating foods or food for 7 days.


        Okay, the above are the questions that should be paid attention to before and after the freezing point hair removal surgery that I answered today. If you have any questions about the freezing point hair removal, you can also go to the beauty hospital to find out.


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