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Why do women have spots?

2021-11-15 16:08:59

        Pigmentation can be described as a “look killer”.Even celebrities are troubled by spots.You will also suffer from stains!Stars look white and translucent in front of the spotlight, because they put on makeup for N hours. In private, their troubles with long spots are the same as the general public, or even more.

Why do women have spots?


Sunscreen only in summer

        Many women think that sunscreen only needs to be done in summer, and not usually used. You must know that UV rays are in all seasons!Ultraviolet A waves make your skin slack and produce fine lines and wrinkles; ultraviolet B waves make your skin darken slowly, and you will have stains over time.


Preference for heavy makeup

        When long-term use of cosmetics containing lead, mercury and other chemical metals or perfumes is added, it is easy to cause black skin on the skin. Pigment and harmful substances in cosmetics remain on the surface of the skin and even penetrate into the skin, which will cause the accumulation of pigment.


Often love to stay up late

        For people who often stay up late, while the quality of sleep cannot be guaranteed, it will directly lead to the decline of gastrointestinal function, which will reduce the function of digestion and absorption, and the skin cannot get sufficient nutrition, resulting in dull skin and stains.


Long-term oral contraceptives

        Because of the disease, taking certain drugs for a long time can also cause the occurrence of spots. Generally 9%-22% of women who take oral contraceptives are prone to chloasma, so we must pay attention to it.



        The occurrence of chloasma has a lot to do with mood. If you are in a bad mood for a long time, you can easily get stains, accelerating the aging of brain cells, damage the liver, lungs, damage the immune system, etc…


Never have a medical examination

        Women have to undergo regular gynecological examinations. Gynecological diseases are a major factor in the production of chloasma. Most people with reproductive system problems, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc. can cause women to have spots!


        Therefore, for their beauty, women must always pay attention to their daily habits and not be bothered by spots.


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