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What is a fractional laser?

2021-10-27 10:59:15

        Fractional lasers are laser beams (spots) with a diameter of less than 500 μm that are regularly arranged into a dot matrix and excited. Such a laser working mode is a lattice laser.


        (The figure below shows the mode of action of the dot-matrix laser very well) It is like a matrix of dense small holes is punched on the skin. The skin between the pores is normal.

        How does fractional laser recover scars?


        The working principle of Fractional laser is to generate array-like tiny beams of light beams through the dot-matrix laser, which form multiple small thermally damaged areas with three-dimensional cylindrical structures after acting on the skin, and there are undamaged normal areas around each small damage area. The tissue, its keratinocytes can crawl quickly to make it heal.


        It can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, make the content of type I and type III collagen fibers close to the normal ratio, change the structure of pathological scar tissue, gradually soften and restore elasticity.


        The main absorption group of the fractional laser is water, and water is the main component of the skin, which can cause the dermal collagen fibers to be heated to shrink and denature, and induce the wound healing reaction in the dermis, the collagen produced in order to deposit and promote collagen proliferation , Thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing scars.

        Fractional laser action to solve the problem of acne scars


        Fractional laser can form a burning area on the epidermis composed of laser action points and intervals. Each laser action point is composed of single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can penetrate directly to the dermis layer and vaporize wrinkles in an instant Or the tissue at the scar.


        At the same time, it stimulates the proliferation of collagen to achieve the therapeutic effect. During the treatment, the micro-thermal damage is generated in a matrix arrangement, which stimulates the reconstruction of the skin tissue, regenerates and rebuilds the patient’s surface skin, and further makes the patient’s acne scars disappear .


        Fractional laser action solves stretch marks and expansion marks


        Stretch marks are a worry for many expectant mothers and postpartum mothers. Stretch marks generally appear under the navel and pubic area of pregnant women, and are irregular cracks in light red or purple.


        These markings will gradually shrink after the pregnant woman gives birth, becoming silvery white, and eventually the skin will become loose.


        Fractional laser can be used on stretch marks that are difficult to treat. By stimulating the skin tissue, the damaged skin can regenerate collagen and rearrange it, so that the skin can be restored to a tender and smooth state, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or range.


        After several courses of treatment, the color of stretch marks can be lightened, and the width of the stretch marks can be significantly narrowed, making it less obvious.


Further reading:Instrument name: CO2 lattice laser



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