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What is the difference between allergies and sensitive skin?

2022-03-11 09:14:24

        If you want to take care of your skin, you must first correctly understand allergies and sensitive skin.


        Gotta figure it out! Sensitivity is a state, allergy is a symptom. Sensitivity refers to a chronic state in which the skin is fragile and easily affected by various stimuli; allergy refers to a phenomenon of redness, swelling, heat, pain and itching produced by the skin after being stimulated by various allergens, often manifested as acute various symptoms of the attack.There is a huge difference between the two, so the way of care is also different.


        Allergy is a reaction that occurs when external sensitizing substances combine with antibodies in the body. This reaction is called “IV allergy”, which leads to “allergic symptoms” that we see with the naked eye. The main cause of skin allergies is that the skin’s immune system is damaged. Allergic skin have specific allergens, which are triggered by internal and external factors. Internal factors: Eating irritating foods such as seafood, alcohol, and fruits causes skin itching, redness, and swelling. Skin allergies caused by the fragrances and chemical preservatives contained in it will cause a series of problems. It is triggered in a short time, appears quickly, and disappears quickly.

        There are three types of allergies: mild allergies, moderate allergies, and severe allergies:


        1.Red pimples, dry itching, burning in mild allergies;


        2.Moderate allergies manifest as burning, redness, and peeling;


        3.Severe allergies may cause oozing and herpes.


        Sensitive skin is a skin condition that occurs due to damage to the skin barrier, and it will not change in a short time. Sensitive skin is prone to allergies.


        It is divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is caused by heredity. This type of skin usually has a thin epidermis and insufficient moisture, which makes it unable to resist external stimuli, so it is prone to redness, fever, itching, stinging, rash, etc. when encountering irritating substances. Phenomenon. Acquired sensitive skin is caused by acquired factors such as excessive stress, abnormal life and rest, environmental pollution, or applying too many acid skin care products.


        So, how to take care of sensitive and sensitive skin?


        Compared with sensitive skin, the care of sensitive skin is much simpler. It is recommended to suspend the use of skin care products during the allergic period. Within 1 to 2 weeks after the allergy, you can give the skin a soothing light maintenance. Avoid allergens and use moisturizers that have a soothing effect on the skin and are free of fragrances, alcohol, pigments, preservatives, etc. In terms of diet, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to enhance skin resistance. Eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, it is not easy to dry the skin, which will trigger allergy symptoms again.

        Sensitive skin is strictly prohibited from overly complicated maintenance methods. When the skin is sensitive, it is absolutely wrong to use complex skin care products! This will only increase the burden on the skin. The most correct way should be to soothe the skin and repair the skin barrier first.


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