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what is the main working method of the red and blue lights?

2021-12-20 13:28:10

        Nowadays, more and more medical aesthetic instruments have come into our lives, such as laser hair removal, cryolipolysis, or radio frequency microneedles, or photorejuvenation. However, there is another machine that is also very popular recently, that is, the red and blue lights. So what is the main working method of this machine?


        The first is red light: The red light is the red diode. The wavelength is 620-760nm.

        The red light wave has a certain anti-inflammatory effect, enables the production of fibroblasts, promotes the production of collagen, and reduces the effect of scars. So now many beauty instruments have exercised this. Both the price and the effect are great, and it is also one of the most popular medical aesthetic projects in recent years. Favored by many girls.


        Secondly, it is blue light: It’s the blue diode. The wavelength is 400-450nm. Blue light is used in medicine to treat acne.

        The principle is that Propionibacterium acnes existing in human skin proliferates in a large number of clogged pores, leading to inflammatory reactions such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts on the skin. Propionibacterium acnes, which causes inflammatory skin reactions, is an anaerobic bacteria that produces endogenous porphyrins during its metabolism. The principle of blue light treatment is that the photosensitizer porphyrin produced by P. acnes is activated by 470nm blue light to generate a phototoxic environment, and the converted toxic singlet oxygen quickly kills P. acnes and clears the acne on the skin. So as to achieve the purpose of treatment.


        The red and blue lights are mainly used in the medical field. Mainly, it treats mild and moderate acne. And the painless effect is good, many people like it. The main functions of red light are: improve cell activity, promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and help tissue repair.Blue light: quickly inhibit inflammation, control oil secretion to a certain extent, and regulate keratinization.


        And yellow light: Yellow light (wavelength: 590nm) is suitable for sensitive skin and aging skin. It can promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, increase capillary toughness, improve skin immune function, and reduce skin sensitivity; it can also decompose pigments and lighten spots.


        Because the beauty instrument is used if the probe is small, you need to manually move it around the entire face, and the volume of the large row of lights allows you to sit there without moving, and take care of your skin. It has a large light source area, which can not only illuminate the face, but also illuminate the neck, legs, buttocks, back and other parts for full-body beauty, which is very convenient. Since the large row of lights does not directly contact the skin, there will be no cross-infection. You can also share it with your family and friends.


        In summary, the red and blue lights are very helpful for our skin care.


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