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HIFU principle

2021-12-13 09:45:39

          During HIFU treatment, it can go deep into the SMAS fascia layer that cannot be reached by ordinary equipment, without damaging the superficial skin, without pain, deep lifting and firming, and achieving skin rejuvenation. Let’s take a look at what HIFU is and its advantages.


          The appearance of the HIFU instrument is exquisite, combined with the ultrasonic focusing commonly used in the medical field, and the energy is accurately fired to the fascia layer, without traces, trauma, and pain. It is most suitable for many beauty seekers who love beauty and are afraid of surgery.


          The facial structure is divided from superficial to deep: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, superficial fascia, namely SMAS, muscles and bones. Traditional surgical face lifts are performed on the SMAS system to lift and tighten the skin. The treatment can only be reached by surgery. Depth, which can now be easily achieved using non-invasive methods, a depth that has never been seen before. HIFU uses a focused ultrasound system to focus the ultrasound energy on the deep layers of the skin, which greatly increases the depth of treatment and avoids scalding the epidermis. Because of its safety, non-invasive, and remarkable effect, it has been praised by people who love beauty around the world since its inception. There are 100,000 treatment cases worldwide, with a satisfaction rate of 99.6%. Globally recognized as the gold standard in the field of firming and wrinkle removal.


          HIFU uses focused ultrasound to act on the fascia layer in a non-invasive manner to form a thermal setting point, which can shrink and regenerate the fascia layer, achieving the effect of lifting and tightening and wrinkle removal. Ultrasonic firming, cutting-edge non-invasive firming and wrinkle-removing new technology, breaking through the tradition, non-invasive, using the most advanced ultrasonic energy to penetrate deep into the dermis and SMAS fascia layer, causing instantaneous contraction of collagen and fibrous mediastinum, and stimulating the regeneration and reorganization of collagen . Build a new collagen fiber network to enhance skin elasticity from the bottom of the skin. It also acts on the dermis of the skin to stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen. Repair and smooth fine lines to achieve the comprehensive effects of firming, wrinkling, and shaping. The energy is stronger, deeper and more concentrated, the stretch is firmer, and the effect is longer. Unparalleled firming and lifting effect, extremely natural, restore young skin, is the latest generation of anti-wrinkle anti-aging skin beauty technology.


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