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The efficacy of DPL precision skin rejuvenation

2022-07-27 15:51:48

          Photonic skin rejuvenation uses the intense pulsed light emitted by the photon manipulator to act on the deep layers of the skin, stimulate the skin to produce collagen and melanin in the skin, accelerate skin metabolism, and improve dullness. The photon penetrates the skin and is selectively absorbed by the pigment groups in the tissue and the hemoglobin in the blood vessels, so that the dilated blood vessels, pigment clusters, and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, thereby achieving the effect of spot removal, whitening, and redness removal.


          DPL photon skin rejuvenation effect 1 dark spots


          Pigmented diseases such as freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation can be lightened with a non-ablative treatment using continuous intense pulsed photon technology. The efficacy of photorejuvenation – is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by the sebaceous glands secreting a large amount of sebum, and the sebum cannot be discharged and the hair follicles are blocked, resulting in inflammation. Photons can effectively act on the sebaceous glands of the skin and regulate the function of the sebaceous glands, thereby improving oily skin and acne.


          The efficacy of DPL photorejuvenation–red acne marks


          It also uses wavelengths that can be strongly absorbed by hemoglobin to treat acne marks. Without damaging the normal skin, the blood vessels are coagulated, the pigment is decomposed, and the collagen and strong fibers under the skin are rearranged, so that the acne marks disappear without a trace.


          The efficacy of DPL photorejuvenation–skin hair removal


          DPL precision skin rejuvenation is a new laser hair removal method using a wide spectrum of 650-950nm. The photon hair removal device acts on the hair follicles according to the selective photothermal effect of pulsed light, increases the temperature of the hair follicles, and destroys the growth of the hair follicles. Under the premise of not damaging the epidermis, it can achieve the effect of hair removal.


          The efficacy of DPL photorejuvenation–fine wrinkles


          The intense pulsed light generated by photorejuvenation can produce photochemical effects after acting on the skin, causing chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, restoring original elasticity, and stimulating fibroblast precursor cells to secrete more collagen. , smoothes fine wrinkles.


          The efficacy of DPL photorejuvenation–shrink pores


          The photothermal effect produced by it can enhance the function of blood vessels, improve the circulation, restore the skin to a youthful state, and achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles and reducing pores.

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