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Summer skin care

2022-07-29 15:36:12

          The scorching sun is at the head, and the heat is hard to dissipate. Your mother will always tell you to go out to prevent heat stroke. But did you know? If you don’t take care of your skin properly, it’s easy to slump in the summer, either with a shiny, mirror-looking face, or dry, wrinkled cheeks and tight, flabby cheeks.


          In fact, this is the manifestation of the skin entering a period of burnout similar to “heat stroke”, which is inextricably linked with the hot sun, temperature difference, air-conditioned room, and work and rest time.


          Keeping the skin pores clean is a major foundation of summer skin care. Only then can we get one step closer to the dream of water and oil balance, no acne and no blackheads. But keeping your skin clean doesn’t mean you need to wash your face more. Excessive face washing will make your skin lose too much oil and moisture, and you will get oily the more you wash it.


          1.Keeping the skin temperature as low as possible is a great secret to controlling shine. For example, remember to use an umbrella when going out, not only to protect the sun, but also to moderately keep the surface temperature of the skin from rising.


          2.For combination skin, zoned care is a must. Use oil control products on the T-position and moisturizing products on the cheeks to help achieve the balance of water and oil on the whole face.


          3.A moderate amount of salicylic acid or fruit acid is very good for skin oil control, but you must pay more attention to sun protection during the day.


          In summer, the temperature is high, the skin metabolism is accelerated, and the skin needs more moisture than in winter. At the same time, sun exposure and frequent access to air-conditioned rooms will accelerate the loss of moisture from the skin. Therefore, it is even more necessary to do light and hydrating homework in summer.


          1.In many cases, the deep reason for oily skin is lack of water. When you have this trouble, you may wish to control oil and replenish water with both hands.


          2.For mature skin, even in summer, it is necessary to replenish the appropriate amount of oil while moisturizing, otherwise the cheeks will still feel tight.


          3.If you are in the sun for a long time, it is recommended to make a moisturizing and antioxidant mask at night to repair the damage in time.


          When the skin enters the period of fatigue, it will appear that everything is poorly absorbed. At this time, you need to do some additional care to wake up your vitality, such as improving the metabolism of the skin through a beauty device, or using some products that can promote absorption , “Forcibly” excited skin.


          1.Skin fatigue is actually a signal of fatigue from the whole body. Adjusting work and rest and eating healthy is the best way to get through the fatigue period.


          2.Don’t be impatient. Using multiple essences at once will put more pressure on the skin. The more burnout period, the more efficient and streamlined skin care, and leave enough patience for the skin.


          3.Aromatherapy also has a very good invigorating effect in the period of skin fatigue. You can choose some botanical skin care products with a slightly richer fragrance to wake up the skin.


          The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Therefore, taking care of your skin should be an important part of your health regimen.


          To keep your skin healthy, many health professionals will tell you that the first thing to do is sun protection, and to wear sunscreen when in the sun.

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