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Super picoseconds-the nemesis of dermal spots, allowing you to have flawless skin

2022-03-24 16:59:30

          Super picosecond: After super picosecond high-capacity shatters melanocytes, it also stimulates the collagen fiber network to start the skin repair function, promotes the renewal and proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, accelerates the skin metabolism, and achieves the reduction of fine lines, whitening and rejuvenating the skin , Reduce pores and other effects.


          Instrument introduction: Ultra picosecond is a new type of laser instrument from the United States. The picosecond laser is the time that light hits the skin and stays on the skin-picosecond level. The unique feature of the device is that it instantly transmits ultra-short pulses to the target tissues, and shatters the target pigment clumps into fine particles through photoacoustic action, which is more safe and effective to metabolize them out of the body. Possessing the global innovative technology-the dual-sound dual-pulse mode converts the traditional single-pulse laser into a double-pulse, so that the energy is gentler, the safety is higher, and the possibility of recurrence is the lowest. It is the best treatment for melasma.

          Super picosecond indication


          1. Tattoo


          Professional tattoos, amateur tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, traumatic tattoos, medical tattoos and even intractable tattoos can be treated. Refractory tattoos specifically refer to those tattoos that are not effective for Q-switched laser treatment. The effect of treatment depends on many factors, including the age of the beauty seeker, the location, depth, size and type of the tattoo particles. The current recommended treatment times are as follows: professional tattoos 3-6 times, amateur tattoos 2-3 times, cosmetic tattoos 1-3 times, traumatic tattoos 2-3 times, and medical tattoos 2-3 times. The recommended interval of tattoo treatment is 8-12 weeks, which is more conducive to the metabolism of tattoo particles.


          2. Benign pigmented lesions


          Benign pigmented diseases that can be treated include but are not limited to: solar sunspots, freckles, coffee spots, Ota, Ito, Baker, chloasma, and uneven skin tone. Usually 2-3 treatments are required. The interval between two treatments is 4-6 weeks, while Ota nevus takes 8-12 weeks. Try not to overlap light spots during the treatment process.


          3. Skin aging


          The improvement of skin aging by ultra picoseconds is mainly reflected in two aspects of skin tone and skin texture. Usually 4-6 treatments are required. The interval between two treatments is 3-4 weeks.


          Canadian imported laser: The power of the laser greatly affects the treatment effect, and the laser is not only high in power, but also more stable and safer.


          South Korea imported light guide arm: The high-precision light guide arm can be operated flexibly through the cooperation of different modules, and is suitable for a variety of places.


          Instrument principle: instant high-energy blasting action, shatters the melanocytes in the epidermis, some are ejected from the body on the spot, and some are phagocytosed and metabolized by macrophages; at the same time, it conducts energy to the deep dermis to start repairing growth factors and promote collagen And the renewal and proliferation of elastic fibers accelerate the metabolism of the skin and accelerate the metabolism of melanin from the body, thereby solving the deep pigment problem from the root.


          Questions and Answers for Instrument Project Customers:


          Will it rebound after finishing?

          Picosecond freckle is not a product that removes skin, peels, whitens and removes freckle in three days and seven days. Only those products will rebound. We use picosecond laser to crush the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder and then metabolize it. But pay attention to care in the later stage, because melanin is active, such as ultraviolet rays, staying up late, long-term skin dehydration, and endocrine disorders will stimulate the black cells to secrete melanin particles in large quantities. Therefore, after treatment, you need to instruct customers to strengthen sun protection, do a good job of hydrating, pay attention to rest, and good postoperative care can prevent recurrence; if the basic sun protection is not in place, even people with white skin will tan.


          Are there any side effects? Will the skin become thinner and thinner?


          It is certain that there are no side effects, because the treatment time is at the picosecond level, which is 1000 times faster than traditional laser equipment. At the same time, it only targets melanin. Before it has time to destroy the surrounding skin, the treatment has ended, so there won’t be any. side effect. Picosecond laser smashing melanin has a very strong blasting power. To make an analogy, compare stains to stones. C6 and C8 instruments can only crush stones into pebbles at a time, while picoseconds can be broken into powder, so that the skin is easier to repair and the pigment is more pigmented. It is easily metabolized and can shorten the number of treatments. The C6 and C8 laser freckle removal equipment need to be done 10 times to treat, and the picosecond only needs 2 to 3 times, so the skin does not need to be stimulated and repaired repeatedly, so the skin will never become thinner.


          Will it hurt?


          During the treatment process, there will be a needle-like tingling sensation, the pigment distribution is more, the darker color will be more obvious, but the operation speed will be very fast, usually about 5-10 minutes, there will be a hot stab sensation after the operation, usually It disappears in about 1-2 hours.


          Will it be red and swollen? Will it affect work?


          There will be no swelling, and some customers with thin stratum corneum will have a slight redness, which will usually recede naturally within 12 hours, which will not affect normal work and life, but they should be protected from the sun.


          Scope of application:


          Freckles: chloasma, freckles, age spots, pigment spots, sun spots, pigmentation


          Endogenous pigmented skin lesions: Ota nevus, coffee spots, seborrheic keratosis, junctional nevi, black lesions, blue nevus, post-inflammatory pigmentation, etc.


          Whitening and rejuvenation: facial rejuvenation, whole body rejuvenation, dark yellow complexion


          Exogenous pigmented skin lesions: tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos and traumatic pigmented skin lesions.


          Super picosecond real case


          (Customer Experience)




          Customer: I have been hesitating for a long time to do the ultra-picosecond freckle removal. I have always had spots on my face, and it has become more and more serious year after year, it is really uncomfortable in my heart. I have used many anti-freckle products, but none of them worked. After taking a skin test, the doctor said it was a mixed pigmented spot. I just did it once today. When I did it, my eyes were covered, and I only felt tingling and hot on my face. Then I explained some precautions after I finished it, and it ended easily. Now that the prints on the face are too ugly, let’s see how it recovers in a while.


          7 days after surgery


          Customer: It’s been 25 days since the super picosecond, and now it’s recovered. After the black Jia is gone, there are no traces. The skin becomes very white and the color is brighter than before. Now I basically don’t need makeup when I go out. Also hold to live. Super picoseconds are also really amazing, no wonder a lot of stars are also using it.


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