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DPL photon rejuvenation instrument for beauty salon

2022-03-25 10:06:31

        Firming, white, smooth, white inside deeply red skin has always been the ultimate dream of beautiful women, but the time is not, will slip away little by little, age also slip along with the time increasing, the growth of the age can lead to skin metabolism of blood becomes slow, subcutaneous fat and flabby no flexibility, without appropriate nursing will increase aging, so as soon as possible to use beauty salon dedicated DPL photon tender skin, an instrument treatment of various skin problems, take a look at below the instrument.

DPL photon Skin Tenderizer:


        DPL precision tender skin, can produce photothermal and photochemical action at the same time, the deep collagen fiber and elastic fiber rearrangement, and restore the skin elasticity, and enhance vascular function, improve circulation, make the skin become smooth, delicate, elastic.


DPL photon tenderizer note


        Photon rejuvenation, especially after the first treatment, the color spot color may appear to be increased, there is no need to worry at this time, it can become lighter within a week. Pay attention to sunscreen and wear sunscreen (SPF≥15). No special requirements on diet. The maintenance of the effect of the photon tender skin and their own living habits and the environment have a close relationship, such as the role of ultraviolet radiation, skin care, sunscreen and the application of drugs, poor work diet habits, so we should pay special attention to the adjustment of work and life status.

Scope of treatment


Freckle: freckle, seborrheic keratosis, freckle nevus and other epidermal pigmentation lesions and chloasma, freckle after inflammation pigmentation


Skin tenderness: This product can beautify and soften skin, tighten pores, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity


DPL Precision skin tenderness: Import products, beautify and soften skin, shrink pores, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity


Hair removal: Includes front and rear hairline, face, lip hair, neck, arms, hands, body, bikini, legs, feet.


        Maintain skin is the thing of a woman lifetime, cannot catch fish two days sieve net, want unremitting. Special DPL photon rejuvenation device for beauty salon can make your skin to a higher level, which can make your skin look smoother and whiter.


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