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Germany 808 semiconductor hair removal instrumen

2021-12-23 17:18:29

          Every person who loves beautiful hopes to become more beautiful, if the body hair overweight for long time will give people a sense of inferiority, with Germany 808  semiconductor depilation equipment, confidence will run to you.


          “Depilate” is very popular intervention treatment in recent years, the original ugly hair all pulled out by the roots, Germany 808 semiconductor depilate instrument, return your smooth skin.


          Germany 808 semiconductor instrument operating principle is to use the melanin in hair stem selective absorption of light energy, light energy into heat energy, heat conduction through hair stem to hair follicle isthmus and hair follicle protuberance (hair nipple, hair growth point), thereby destroying the blood vessels at hair nipple place make it suffer heat atrophy, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.


          The main reason why 808 semiconductor depilator is called 808 is that its semiconductor wavelength is 808nm. The main reason for choosing this wave length is that 808nm is the most close to the dermis of hair follicle, with deep band penetration, strong specificity and no harm to the skin. Instead, it has the functions of whitening and moisturizing.


          808 semiconductor hair removal instrument adopts semiconductor laser technology, the light source with a single, quick operation and light spot is 10 * 10 mm, 12 * 12 mm and six kinds can be optional, applicable to various parts of the body, soft and comfortable, hair removal process generally 3 to 5 times can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, this instrument is without consuming equipment, selected Germany 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument.


          The 808 semiconductor is divided into three channels. Macrochannel and microchannel use ionized or distilled water, the water temperature is controlled at 35 degrees, can work for 3 hours without interruption; No channel has no water quality requirement, the water temperature can reach 55 or 85 degrees, can operate for 24 hours continuously.


          The frequency that depilate and body parts, the color of hair and degree of thickness, cutaneous type has certain concern. Generally, the whiter the skin, the darker the hair, the stronger the site is more effective, and the depilation effect is best  equipment


Further reading:Precautions for 808 freezing point hair removal


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