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DerMashine IV tightens skin

2021-10-26 14:25:46

        Radio frequency micro-needle beauty combines micro-needle minimally invasive, segmented shuttle technology and radio wave function, using micro-needle radio wave probes that can be adjusted to different depths. When the microneedle in the probe penetrates into the skin, it will release 1 million Hz radio waves at the same time. This radio wave is only released at the bottom tip and does not heat the epidermis. Therefore, it can safely, accurately, and evenly heat the collagen in the deep dermis to promote collagen denaturation, reorganization, and coagulation. In addition, the minimally invasiveness caused by microneedles stimulates a variety of activating factors to make the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieving skin regeneration, firming and lifting, diminishing wrinkles and reshaping facial contours.


        One machine for multiple uses


        The fourth generation of Der Mashine is not just a smart water-light instrument. It is based on the third generation of Der Mashine and adds a radio frequency microneedle hand tool. The radio frequency microneedle combines three technologies of microneedle minimally invasive, high-temperature radiofrequency and transdermal drug delivery. Combined, it can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat the collagen in the deep dermis, promote collagen regeneration and reorganization, and have a better moisturizing effect than the third generation of Der Mashine, and at the same time increase the effect of anti-acne and anti-aging.


        Multiple injection


        South Korea’s Der Mashine’s fourth-generation water light instrument has three hand tools, namely water light hand tool, microneedle hand tool, and cold compress device. Among them, water light hand tool uses 9-needle and 13-needle needles, which greatly improves the instrument’s performance. Stability and time efficiency, it can very accurately control the amount of medicine, reducing the user’s pain; the new microneedle hand tool uses 10-needle, 25-needle and 64-needle needles to accurately act on the radio frequency energy at different depths of target tissue It stimulates and induces the reorganization and regeneration of collagen, and at the same time the skin tissue will be tightened, prompting the skin to quickly skin to a young and healthy state, so as to achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, skin tightening and skin aging.

        Treatment range


-Firming and wrinkle removal -Acne, acne -rehydrating and rejuvenating skin


-Neck lines -Skin tightening -Stretch marks


-Firming-Scars-Swelling lines


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