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Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

2022-05-17 11:23:57

          Laser hair removal is currently the safest, fastest and most durable hair removal technology.


          Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. By reasonably adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin and reach the hair follicle at the root of the hair. The light energy is absorbed and converted into damage to the hair follicle tissue. Heat energy, so that the hair loses its ability to regenerate, and at the same time does not damage the surrounding tissue, and the pain is mild. In addition, laser hair removal takes advantage of the “selective photothermal effect” of lasers, using lasers tuned to specific wavelengths to pass through the epidermis and directly irradiate the hair follicles. The melanin in the hair follicle and hair shaft selectively absorbs light energy, and the resulting thermal effect causes the hair follicle to necrosis, and the hair no longer grows. The effect of laser hair removal, because the process of endothermic necrosis of hair follicles is irreversible, therefore, laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.



          1.The results of multiple clinical trials show that most patients only feel the feeling of being “bounced by a rubber band”.


          2.The advantage of laser hair removal is that the hair removal is very thorough. The laser can penetrate into the deep layer of the dermis and the subcutaneous fat tissue, and act on the deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove the deep hair in any part of the human body.


          3.The advantage of laser hair removal is that the pigmentation after hair removal is very close to our skin.


          4.The advantage of laser hair removal is that it is fast.


          Because hair growth goes through three stages: growth phase, catagen phase and telogen phase. The anagen hair follicles have melanin, so the laser mainly destroys the anagen hair follicles, while the degenerative hair follicles have less melanin, and the telogen hair follicles have no melanin, so the laser has no therapeutic effect on it. For it to be effective, laser hair removal requires three to five treatments to complete its course, with an interval of 20-45 days between treatments.


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