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Causes of eye problems-Eye area – dark circles


          There are three types: pigmented, vascular and structural.

          ①Pigmented type – the skin around the eyes is light brown


          Causes: Insufficient sun protection around the eyes, incomplete removal of inflammatory reactions and eye makeup, and eye edema will also aggravate pigmented dark circles.


          ② vascular type – the lower eyelid position, mostly blue-purple.


          The skin is inherently thin, or the underlying skin tissue is lost and moved with age, preventing normal blood vessels from being covered by the skin itself.


          The other is caused by abnormal blood circulation. For example, staying up late leads to poor blood circulation or vasodilation at the moment, and vascular problems associated with eye, nose, and throat problems such as rhinitis, resulting in poor blood circulation.


          ③ Structural type – gray-black, basically accompanied by eye bags and tear trough problems


          Eye bags and tear troughs when exposed to light will create shadows, resulting in visual dark circles


          Daily care:

          ①For pigmented dark circles, partition makeup removal + thorough cleaning + careful sun protection can reduce further pigmentation,using some eye creams containing whitening ingredients can reduce the dark circles that have formed. For example, the well-known whitening generals VC and niacinamide, as long as the concentration is appropriate and not irritating, it is OK~


          ②For the vascular type, it is generally effective to adjust the routine of work and rest + use eye creams containing ingredients that promote blood circulation.


          Photoelectric Care:


          ①For structured optoelectronic projects: VMETI uses radio frequency to penetrate deep into the dermis, and massage the water molecules in the cells to produce high-speed oscillations.This thermal effect can accelerate the metabolism of the skin, so as to achieve a faster fade of melanin.V-Meti breaks through the traditional heating mode of radio frequency from the surface to the inside, but projects high-frequency energy into the human body to generate deep heat from the subcutaneous tissue, thereby achieving the effect of relieving dark circles.


          ②For the high-end maintenance of structured gold radio frequency microneedle: the penetration of microneedle opens the quick absorption channel of the skin, and with whitening essence, it can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and achieve the effect of lightening dark circles under the eyes.


          ③The injection of water light needle injects the mesodermal product rich in nutrients to help the skin inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and achieve the purpose of diluting dark circles.


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