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Causes of problems around the eyes Eye Area – Fine Lines


          Eye Area – Fine Lines:


          The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the entire face, but it exercises the most times on the entire face. With the increase of age, the skin around the eyes gradually loses support, and fine lines appear.

          The reasons for the formation of eye wrinkles are as follows:


          ① elastic fiber degeneration:


          Wrinkles around the eyes are formed due to the gradual aging of elastic fibers, the reduction of skin moisture and subcutaneous fat, and the loss of skin elasticity and the pulling of subcutaneous muscles.




          Collagen is easily damaged by UVA, UVB, and ozone or other oxidative factors. It is oxidized and fractured to produce cracks, and the supporting effect on the epidermis will disappear. Therefore, the epidermis will collapse unevenly, and the skin will become dull and loose, dry, may also appear fine lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles.


          ③ Decreased or lost fibroblast activity:


          With the growth of age, the metabolism of cells slows down and the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, resulting in insufficient water for collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and insufficient relaxation. The volume of the dermis decreases, the skin collapses, and wrinkles are formed.


          ④ Bad living environment:


          If the skin is exposed to a dry and cold environment without protection, or if the expression is too rich and exaggerated, irregular sleep and daily life, smoking, etc., can lead to the loss of elasticity of the fibrous tissue, thereby accelerating the formation of eye wrinkles.


          ⑤ Stress and other emotional effects:


          Excessive work or life pressure, some people will feel worried, sad, easy to cry, and prone to wrinkles around the eyes.

          Daily care:


          ①Choose a special makeup remover for eyes and lips to avoid irritating the skin around the eyes, and use gentle gestures when removing makeup.


          ②Choose eye creams with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, retinol, etc., and regular use with eye masks can achieve quite good results.The skin around the eyes is relatively delicate, and the eye cream should be combined with eye massage, and the technique should be gentle. In order to prevent the appearance of eye wrinkles,Try to avoid exaggerated expressions such as laughing and frowning in daily life~ Be an urban beauty with no emotions


          Photoelectric Care:


          ①You can use radio frequency equipment for collagen remodeling maintenance, such as V-Meti, V-Meti uses radio frequency (RF) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which is a high-frequency electromagnetic wave.It can penetrate deep into the dermis, and massage the water molecules in the cells to produce high-speed oscillations.This thermal effect can repair aging and damaged collagen, so as to achieve the effect of skin firming, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging.V-Meti breaks through the traditional heating mode of radio frequency from the surface to the inside, but projects high-frequency energy into the human body to generate deep heat from the subcutaneous tissue, thereby achieving the effect of restoring skin elasticity, improving fine lines and tightening the skin.VMETI can get “lifting + firming + wrinkle removal” in a single treatment and greatly improves effectiveness and comfort on the basis of safety.


          ②Golden radio frequency microneedle high-end maintenance, the mechanical stimulation of microneedle, coupled with the biological effect and thermal stimulation produced by radio frequency, together stimulate the skin’s self-repair system,Promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, activate fibroblast activity, and promote the new and rearrangement of subcutaneous tissues such as collagen and elastic fibers;The penetration of the microneedle opens the fast absorption channel of the skin, and with the growth factor, the skin collagen can be regenerated, remodeled, filled with broken collagen fiber tissue, and the effect of removing fine lines can be achieved.


          ③The injection of water light needle injects the mesoderm products rich in nutrients to help the reconstruction of skin tissue.


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