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What to except with home laser hair removal

2022-09-08 16:24:57

          Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal is an excellent alternative to waxing and shaving. Like laser hair removal, IPL utilizes various wavelengths of pulsed light that destroy your hair follicle without damaging the skin. However, unlike shaving, which you may have to do multiple times a week, IPL goes under the skin and reduces hair growth more and more with each treatment. As you continue to do IPL hair removal, your hair will grow back slowly, lightly, and thinner than ever before!at-home laser hair removal for face.

          You don’t need to be a hair removal expert

          IPL home laser hair removal can be a DYI at-home activity! Although you can get it done in a salon, it can also be done at home with little to no prior experience. The easy-to-use IPL machines have easy instructions and are made for beginners.

          Unlike laser hair removal that can typically only be done in a professional salon, IPL hair removal is easier for those who want to remove hair from the comfort of their own home. Although there are many great IPL hair removal devices to choose from, one of the best is the EXO beauty. This device is known for being gentle on the skin but effective when it comes to removing hair.


diode laser hair removal before and after


          Some people experience pain

          Although it’s not incredibly common, some people, especially those who are just starting out, experience some pain with IPL home laser hair removal. Even though it’s likely that your experience will be painless, it’s good to prepare for some possible pain. Furthermore, it’s good to keep in mind that mild pain is nothing to be concerned about.

          For those who are beginners or have sensitive skin, IPL hair removal can feel like a rubber band going against the skin. Others may experience a more vague discomfort that is still tolerable.

          Using an IPL hair removal device at home will always be more painless and comfortable than going to a professional salon to get it done. This is because professional hair removal salons use stronger wavelengths of light than the devices that are made to be used at home.


          If you prefer going to a professional salon, there are many topical numbing creams that you can apply to your skin before heading out. However, if you have low pain tolerance, an at-home device may be your best bet.


at-home laser hair removal for face


          It can’t be done over tattoos


          IPL hair removal devices target dark pigment. This is why they work best on those who have darker hair – they can detect their hair follicle pigment and remove it accordingly. Because of this, they cannot be used over tattoos. These devices cannot tell the difference between your hair pigment and tattoo pigment.

          If you do use an IPL hair removal device over your tattoos, it could end up being painful on the skin. It could also mess up the pigmentation on your skin and make your tattoos duller. In more severe cases, the IPL device could cause blisters and burns on your tattooed skin. This could cause permanent scarring and ruin the look of your tattoos!


          IPL can be used to rejuvenate skin

          Since IPL devices are used to target pigment, they can be used for more than just hair removal! If you want to correct dark spots, dark veins, or scars, IPL may be a good skincare option for you. However, using an IPL device to even out your skin tone or make scars lighter must always be done in a salon with a professional.


          Although IPL is an excellent hair removal and skincare option, these are great things to keep in mind before you start treatment


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