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What is your body doing when you sleep?

2022-12-01 13:20:43

          Normal sleep is one of the important needs of the human body and the most basic condition to maintain the balance of the body.


          If you think your body will “shut down” when you fall asleep, then you are wrong! The body is much more ‘hard-working’ than we think.

          In the sleep state, the synthesis of human metabolism is greater than the decomposition. Good sleep can help the body complete the replenishment of consumed substances, which is conducive to the growth of tissues and the recovery of physical strength.


          For example, our skin, the largest organ in the human body, has the ability to repair itself. During deep sleep, the growth and repair of skin cells is most vigorous, and the peak period of cell metabolism increases.

          At the same time, our brains are not idle either. When we fall asleep, a large number of neurons send signals to each other.


          Some experiments have found that brain waves at this point fluctuate slowly for a while, but then appear to be awake for a while, which is exactly what your brain is storing and reinforcing your newly entered memories.

          During sleep, cerebrospinal fluid removes metabolic waste produced by daytime neural activity. These include beta-amyloid, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia).


          In other words, chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


          A good night’s sleep also helps regulate the body’s hormone production, thereby reducing the chance of obesity and certain diseases.


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          The Benefits of Normal Sleep and How to Achieve It

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          Introduction: What is Normal Sleep and Why Is It Important?


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          Tips for Developing Good Sleep Hygiene Practices


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          Healthy Diet Choices That Can Help You Promote Normal Sleep Patterns


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          What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid If I Want To Get Better

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