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What are the brands of cryolipolisis fat-dissolving instruments

2022-03-23 17:00:41

          Reducing fat has always been the goal of fitness enthusiasts and beauty ladies. It is difficult to achieve good results if we all rely on exercise. Some weight-loss instruments can help us achieve the ideal body shape, and then what are the brands of cryolipolisis fat-dissolving instruments?

          The name of the cryolipolisis fat-dissolving is to achieve the effect of fat reduction by freezing. Principle is the fat cells, it has a feature, particularly sensitive to low temperature, and adjacent tissue cells, blood cells, weeks surround nerve cells, melanocytes, fiber cells or less fat fat cells, such as low sensitivity to cold, this difference determines the specific low temperature (0 to 10 °), fat will slowly disappear, but has no effect on other organizations. Fat cells convert from normal liquid to solid at 4 to 5 degrees. The temperature of the hand can be as low as 0 to -10 degrees, and the temperature of the fat is about -4 to -5 degrees. At this time, after about 45 minutes of freezing, the fat cells will become solid. When fat cells become solid, they begin to age. The aging fat cells are excreted during the normal metabolism of the body.


          cryolipolisis fat-dissolving instrument is particularly suited to local obese patients, the ideal candidate is not the whole body fat, but a willing to reduce local fat such as the abdomen, flank, waist, arms and hips, according to the figure of fat thickness and expectations are different, generally takes 1 to 3 period of treatment, each course best interval is 30 days, because metabolic cycle is about 30 days. The effect of frozen dissolved fat once is not obvious. According to the requirements of reducing fat put forward by customers, it is suggested that customers do it 2-3 times in one course of treatment, which can eliminate more than 25-45% fat. Although the effect is not as good as liposuction surgery, but the frozen dissolved fat is painless, there is no recovery period, it is ok to directly return to normal life. What are the brands of cryolipolisis fat-dissolving instruments?


          In recent years, cryolipolisis fat-dissolving is also very popular, there are a lot of unknown small brands. The cryolipolisis fat-dissolving equipments of Feijia Medical Beauty is introduced into the imported refrigerated fat-dissolving technology, which has a very good reputation in the industry. So much for the brands of the cryolipolisis fat-dissolving instruments today. If there is any demand, please contact me in time.


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