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Principles of V-nice Gold Microneedle Treatment

2021-12-06 09:59:02

        The principle of V-nice Gold Radio Frequency Microneedle is to use microneedles to accurately act on the skin tissues of different depths, stimulate and induce the reorganization and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, improve the skin texture from the source, and form a subcutaneous youthful alternative energy source. , Effectively and lastingly revitalize the skin. The needle body is made of gold insulated micro-needles. During treatment, the golden parts are insulated, which can effectively control the skin damage. The needle tip releases energy to effectively stimulate the skin tissue, promote recovery, and shrink the fibrous tissue, thereby realizing the skin’s youthful state.

Project Benefits:


1.Radio frequency skin tightening technology and micro-crystal peeling technology break through the traditional singularity. The dermis layer directly emits radio frequency energy. At the same time, the depth of microneedle penetration and radio frequency energy can be adjusted according to different degrees of adaptation, which doubles the effect. New plan doubled the effect.


2.The golden microneedle uses a uniquely designed insulated microneedle to avoid irritation of the epidermis. The needle tip reaches the depth and releases energy without thermal damage to the epidermal tissue. There will be no adverse reactions such as scabs and discoloration after the operation. The effect is perfect. No scabs, no color, perfect effect.


3.Precisely target tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring, personalized settings for different symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging, acne, scars, etc., so that the skin can quickly repair to a young and healthy state. The longer the time, the better the effect. It can last for 3-6 years.


4.Acne: According to the professional data analysis acne treatment experts, more than 80% of people have encountered the problem of acne in varying degrees. Among people with acne muscle problems, 98% of people with acne muscle problems have a strong need for treatment; 85% of people who suffer from acne for a long time; 55% of people who have repeated acne all year round; and those who use incorrect methods to treat acne Accounted for 30%. The consumption of acne-problem care has increased nearly tenfold in the last three years! It is conservatively estimated that by 2018, the consumption of the acne-problem market will reach RMB 70 billion.


5.Stretch marks: According to statistics, about 70% to 90% of pregnant women will have stretch marks during their first pregnancy. According to the National Health Organization’s statistics on women’s happiness index in more than ten regions including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou in January 2017, 68.38% of women’s happiness decreased due to stretch marks; the survey results show that stretch marks have already affected people’s physical and mental health. Important factor.


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